A Developmental Update Reveals Cardano’s Alonzo Is Now Running Smart Contracts

An update of development has been shared through YouTube, which discloses that Alonzo has the capability of running contracts. Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and the co-founders of Cardano (ADA) revealed the smart contracts’ functioning in a routine video update on the official YouTube Channel of the company. Communication and marketing director of IOHK, Tim Harrison, conversed with Dimitris Poulopoulos in a video talk. It was stated by Poulopoulos, the delivery lead, that they find themselves in a place making them able to have some discourse with the Alonzo node.

It seems, he expressed, that the updated technology can create simple contracts and passes them to the ledger. In this way, he mentioned additionally, the initial smart contract of Alonzo can be written against their network. He further disclosed that the operation of smart contracts would be simply worded as a transaction, and the greetings of ‘Hello, World’ would be recorded to complete the requirement for Alonzo to work with them.

The video further moved on, revealing that in the middle of the Blue phase (the initial phase of rolling out the map of Alonzo), this new update confirms to be a milestone.

Nigel Hemsley, the head of delivery, elaborated that the achievement of a round trip back and forth from the user to the ledger is expected soon, and this would be the ignition for the rollout of the next phase. This new phase naming Alonzo White will possibly be starting in July. Nonetheless, Hemsley elucidated that there is a need for the company to ensure that the pioneers and partners of the company have completed their scripts of ‘Hello, World.’ After providing this proof, they would be able to do the validation, execution, and submission on-chain.

Space and smart contracts

Alonzo declares its roadmap, and on the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) has approached the stars. Reports revealed on 4th June that Ethereum technology had been incorporated in the company hardware included in the Space Station by a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, SpaceChain. This technology offers better and adequate smart contract functionality in the processes.

As SpaceChain has never utilized Ethereum technology earlier, therefore, this adoption is the initial for the hardware of the company. The launched payload, which is based on blockchain technology, was fired into space on 3rd June.

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