Artifact Collector Wants To Purchase A Tweet Made By Elon Musk

Famous billionaire and the CEO of car making group Tesla, Elon Musk has been revered for his crypto savvy nature. Despite being a billionaire in the car making industry, Musk still cuts out time to follow several crypto news and trends.

Although Musk says he might generally be open to receiving funds in Bitcoin in the future, every crypto savvy person knows that the billionaire has a penchant for Dogecoin. Some weeks earlier, Elon Musk made a tweet about Dogecoin, shading Bitcoin, and other digital assets in the process. He is also famed for posting strange things on microblogging platform, Twitter which has always backlashed ok him severally.

Elon Musk is a known protagonist of Dogecoin

Analysts and experts saw his recent post about Dogecoin as the much-needed boost that the digital asset needed as it did a massive climb in precious weeks. Around last month, Musk made a tweet about the meme coin again in a sentence which said, “One word: Doge.” Even though the tweet was one of Musk’s tantrum against other digital assets on Twitter, a certain user has said that he is interested in paying about $7,777 if he could get his hands on a replicated version of the tweet that has been tokenized on Valuables.

Valuables is a digital service that allows users to pay for any tweet they so wish to; in turn, the tweet owner will accept the cash. If both parties agree to the tweet, then the person that purchased the tweet will have the tweet in his confines, albeit as a Non-Fungible Token. A typical example is Bitcoin being seen as a fungible taken because every Bitcoin in circulation is worth the same. Non Fungible tokens don’t function that way. Non Fungible Tokens are situated on a blockchain, which serves as the art storage facility in question.

Artifact collector wants famous personalities to enter the blockchain sphere

According to Valuables, the tweets that the buyer’s purchase can be likened to a baseball player signing an autograph on a card and giving it to a fan. Valuables also mentioned that the person who has offered to buy this rare piece of tweet is a user on its platform that goes by the username @illestrater_. Also known by his full name, Tim Kang, the artifact collector, said that he had sent a message to Musk to purchase his tweet with the hope that he will make the Tesla CEO experience what it feels like to conclude a smart contract.

Kang notes that even though influential people like Musk and the owner of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, have always supported digital assets, they have no background knowledge on how other things work in the space. He also used the opportunity to urge them to dive deeper into blockchain technology as it is a technology that assures that our future is safe.

With Kang already submitting a bid for the tweet, it remains unknown if Elon Musk would accept his invitation to buy the tweet or not, even though at this time, the Tesla CEO is yet to make an official statement to this effect.

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