Bitcoin Holders Worry As China Take Up 65% Of Mining Network

China taking over the crypto world is a significant possibility judging by the fact that China controls a larger percentage of the world digital assets operations and a significant computing power to mine the leading crypto. A study has shown in recent years that no country comes close to China when mining power of Bitcoin is being discussed. According to a report by Genesis mining, Bitcoin holders are always worried about how China’s Bitcoin holders might help out the market in s stable place. Most holders are worried that the holders of the currency in China might cause a disturbance in the system or thy might even take over the entire Bitcoin mining system.

Bitcoin Was Made To Operate On A Decentralized System

Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, made the leading crypto with the mindset that the physical banks might not be able to control the operations of the digital assets, but it can be exchanged between holders. The Bitcoin system works because of the miners that obey the mining rule but adding blocks to the chain and nodes to transactions carries out. The main agenda of the making of the coin is that no entity would be able to have excessive power over it, thereby governing how it works. Even at that, a person that owns up to half of the entire mining power might be able to cause a rupture in the system with a term known as “51% attack” or “majority attack”. A majority control might allow the holder to control the entire system, thereby disrupting the whole network for their own benefit.

China Owning A Larger Percentage Of Mining Power

Mining Bitcoin takes a lot of time and energy, and China would be able to provide that as a result of their enormous workforce. When the debate of cheap energy source and labour source is mentioned, there is no other country that has that more than China because most mining rigs run on hydroelectric power. The other miners use coal which is considerably cheaper than oil or gas, but the people that use hydroelectric power stand to gain more because it is a more affordable source than coal.

China Massive Control Scare

With China holding more than 65% of the world mining power, many Bitcoin holders around the world are scared that the Chinese holders night try to disrupt the market at any point in time. While most analysts are concerned with the fact that the Chinese government might decide to take over the crypto ecosystem and manipulate it for their own gains. If the Chinese government decides to take over the cryptosystem, the currency might be centralized under them.

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