BitMEX CEO Hinted On High Market Volatility After Ethereum Merge

Alexander Hoptner, the CEO at BitMEX exchange, reportedly commented on the possible post-merge events in a recent interview. He also hinted that his firm, BitMEX, is paying close attention and improving its services just like every other exchange must do before the merge.

Hoptner Urges Firms To Improve Their Services Ahead Of The Merge

Since its announcement last year, the entire crypto industry has been looking for the Ethereum merge. Also, many crypto firms have been improving and enhancing their operations to accommodate the possible impacts of the event.

According to a report, Alexander Hoptner suggested that crypto forms have more important things to do than focusing on the general industrial preparation for the merge. He stated that firms should ensure their services and operations are good enough to accommodate the changes accompanying the Ethereum merge successfully.

Furthermore, Hotpner hinted that there is a tendency that high volatility would occur in the market after the upgrade. Hence, he urged all firms that offer crypto-related services to be alert and pay close attention to the upgrade.

During the interview, the BitMEX CEO commented on the possibility of a Proof of Work hard fork occurrence after the merge. He stated that the major problem with a PoW fork is that there might be insufficient miners to back it. He, however, suggested that if a strong community supports it, a PoW fork is not wrong. 

The Merge Would Trigger Massive Crypto Adoption Across The Globe

In addition, Hotpner also stated his views on the possibility of massive crypto adoption after the Ethereum upgrade. He explained that the current generation likes services and products that offer more efficient environmental growth. 

And since the Ethereum upgrade aims to improve the economic and environmental functions of the crypto technology, the merge would skyrocket the rate of institutional adoption after its completion. The CEO also noted that many big investors are venturing into the crypto industry daily, especially on the ETH and BTC networks. 

He added that the number of non-crypto-related companies adding crypto assets to their portfolios would soon spike up. Additionally, the BitMEX top executive contradicts popular opinion as he stated that we are not experiencing a bearish crypto market currently. 

He explained that the market is simply experiencing a minute price correction which is familiar in the traditional economy. He further stated that the correction was significant as the market was too volatile, which made money cheaper. However, he hinted that he believed there would be a bullish run after the merge. 

He added that the Ethereum network has exceptional use cases and a vibrant and active community base. He concluded that his firm is bullish on ETH, and he believes it can relatively surpass the primary crypto, Bitcoin, in the near future.

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