BitPay Extends Its Services To ApplePay

The expansion of their service offerings by several cryptocurrency firms and exchanges continues to remain prevalent, at least recently. The cryptocurrency industry’s expected to boom, which has now started to receive a lot of attention, is being adequately catered for these crypto service firms. They drive towards providing quality service and innovative products to their high influx of customers in the space.

However, in the growing list of crypto service firms adding more value to its service, BitPay, a cryptocurrency wallet allowing customers to send, receive and transact Bitcoin, has now extended its services to ApplePay. This wallet allows Apple customers to send, receive, and handle any financial transactions.

The partnership is a win-win for both parties

BitPay announced the new partnership via its official website. Last year, the Bitcoin payment giants announced that they have partnered with FinTech giants, MasterCard, to launch a crypto debit card that allows their customers to handle financial transactions with both cryptocurrency and local currencies.

The new products’ launch products’ launch was welcomed by all in the cryptocurrency space, who believed that the innovation would further take the booming space’s growth to the next level. However, the new partnership now means that holders of the BitPay crypto debit card can now add their card into their Apple wallet to make payments.

The new partnership’s advantage means that holders of the BitPay MasterCard do not have to transfer into any other fiat debit card before buying and shopping on Apple’s wallet. Both firms are set to benefit from the partnership as BitPay will hope that Apple’s customer growth will bolster theirs. On the other hand, the partnership will further place Apple in the growing list of FinTechs dedicated to taking the cryptocurrency space to the next level.

BitPay targets Android and other OS soon

After partnering with Apple, the crypto payment giants refuse to back down their quest to show the world that cryptocurrencies can be transacted with like regular fiat currencies. Stephen Pair, the Company’s CEO, expressed his delight at the new partnership that has been in their plans for a while now. Stephen believes that the world needs to know that cryptocurrencies represent a more valuable fiat currency, so the fear of transacting with it is what BitPay is eliminating.

Stephen had also promised that the new partnership would not be the only one, as BitPay will further collaborate with several device wallets to add more value. The company’s growth cannot be overstated. It has placed itself at the forefront of many firms that ensure that people can use their cryptocurrencies just like regular fiat currencies.

The company also has a reward program in its pipeline that ensures that their affiliates, merchants, and business partners can now be paid in cryptocurrency for their services, a move believed to be a delight to all, considering the value involved.

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