Breez Partners With Lightning Network To Introduce Podcast Streaming To Its Wallet

Despite the concerns of many prominent business names and nations’ financial regulators over the perceived disadvantages and threats of the cryptocurrency space, the ecosystem has continued to thrive. The Blockchain market is seemingly becoming the most preferred investment space globally, as many potential investors have now seemed to flock to the space for profits. However, most of these growths have been credited to the impacts of the crypto service firms and Blockchain networks, who have consistently improved their product and services offerings, as a result of this, attracting more investors into the space.

Breez offering a breath of fresh air

In a new announcement by popular crypto wallet service provider, Breez, they have informed their customers that they have incorporated a podcast streaming service into their wallets. The aim of the new service into its platform is set to help their customer’s stream payment, just like traditional media. The new feature has been made possible via a technology support, which has been facilitated by Lightning network. In the company’s official release, their customers can now listen to the satoshis in the network via the nodes pre-installed by Lightning Network.

Lightning Network is one of the decentralized systems thriving on the smart contract offering of Bitcoin, allowing users to transact with nearly zero fees. The impacts of the network’s technology on Breez will allow Breez to become one of the podcasting industry’s leading players. The new partnership will also see Breez tap into a market that has been dominated by centralized technologies, which have impaired the growth of the space by ripping content creators off revenue. However, Breez is now touted to change the status quo, much to the delight of content creators and the creatives of the podcasting platforms.

Content creators can earn without the interference of third parties

Another glitch Breez is set to fix is podcast subscription payments, a trivial issue in the past. Breez’s is now set to allow podcast creators and creatives to have autonomy over subscriptions, payments, and endorsements. Breez is set to provide a platform that will not restrict creatives, an advantage over the previous systems in place. While popular streaming platforms like Spotify are known to have options for podcaster creators to create their works, Breez will not be entertaining or promoting such an avenue. The new podcast streaming service will allow creatives to push their works themselves, promoting healthy competition amongst them.

Content creators on the platform will also receive payments themselves from subscribers without the interference of Lightning and Breez. Before now, banks have also generated revenue from the creators via several service-related levies. Fortunately, the new products by Breez and Lightning will eliminate such costs for creators. However, according to the press release by Breeez, they are expectant that the new product will allow for more information sharing and take podcasting to another level for both creators and listeners, much to the delight of the cryptocurrency society and the world at large.

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