Central Trade Review – What Makes Central Trade a Good Broker?

Central Trade Review

Central Trade logoWhen it comes to online trading, there are few online brokerages out there that can match the sheer high quality of services and features provided by Central Trade. You see, in order to be truly successful in the world of online trading, it is often necessary to pick the right online brokerage through which you can conduct all of your trading activities and transactions with little to no problems. This in-depth Central Trade review will therefore tell you everything you need to know about it and why you should consider signing up with this broker today.

To that end, all of the different aspects of this broker shall be covered in detail, so do make sure to read through each point with careful analysis and attention. This is important to do as understanding each factor associated with this online brokerage will ultimately inform your decision of whether you should sign up with it or not. Also, keep in mind that online trading does carry a certain level of risk, so it is always a good idea to not only do your own research before making any kind of investment but you should also keep an eye on your budget as well as the overall appetite of risk you have.

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Trading platform

Without the right kind of trading platform, your overall trading experience will be adversely affected. For those who might not know, the trading platform is essentially the interface through which the traders would go about carrying out all of the different transactions and trading activities. This interface can be very easy to navigate or it can be needlessly complex depending on the kind of brokerage that you choose for yourself.

It will therefore be a very good idea to pick an online brokerage such as Central Trade, mainly because the trading platform is highly effective as well as can be used with relative ease. Moreover, as per our own observations, both advanced traders, as well as those who may be new to online trading, will be able to use this platform quite easily. This kind of ease of access regarding the trading platform is crucial as it means that the online brokerage in question has provided a platform that is not complex and one that can be used effectively in order to enhance your trading.

Furthermore, Central Trade has the WebTrader feature which you need to be told about as well. Simply put, this enables the broker’s clients to successfully access all kinds of different financial markets. WebTrader is very easy to use as well as highly dependable and it provides a wide array of tools that can be used to enhance your trading activities and earn more substantial profits in a comfortable manner. Additionally, the web-based platform actually consumes relatively much less RAM mainly because it does not require any kind of complex installation or additional software.

When you hence use this feature provided by this broker, you will be able to make deals directly through the use of a browser as well as utilize the highly useful ‘one-click trading option. Moreover, you will be able to set all kinds of orders as per your needs and preferences and you will be able to choose among nine different timeframes. You will also be able to follow real-time codes which occur in the market, and you can work with three different types of price charts, mainly bars, candles and lines.

Lastly, the trading platform can be used by essentially any device that you may have. These include your smartphones, desktops, computers, laptops, and tablets, and anything else. Keep in mind that no matter what device you may want to use, a stable Internet connection is required to continuously access the trading platform. Moreover, the platform is also fully compatible with both Android as well as iOS-based devices, and the web version can be used from any computer and from essentially anywhere in the world without having to download anything.

Central Trade trading platform

Trading accounts

Apart from the aforementioned trading platform, the existence of effective trading account options is also a factor that must be considered when choosing any given online brokerage. This is due to several reasons, chief among which being that as a trader, you will need to pick an online brokerage that provides different accounts that are designed to cater to your individual specific needs and preferences. Although many traders may have some similarities, the fact remains that everyone is going to ultimately want something different out of the online trading experience and sector.

In other words, you may want something completely different from online trading as compared to someone else, and that’s why it is important to have account options that are designed to cater to these things. As such, when you sign up with this online brokerage, you will be given access to a real account, which essentially covers everything that your online trading needs may require. Opening up the real account could not be any easier, as all you will have to do is click on the ‘trading accounts’ button, which is available on the broker’s official website at the top of the screen.

Once there, click on ‘real account’, after which you can then select the ‘Login’ button and subsequently click on the button which says ‘create a new account’. This will take you to the account application form which must be filled out using the step-by-step instructions provided. You must also complete any additional fields that exist here. Once you have done so, you will have applied for your account and once it has been fully registered, you can then log into your account the minute that your application is successful.

Do keep in mind though, that you will not be able to take part in any trading activities until and unless you have enough funds stored in your accounts in order to successfully open a position. Furthermore, one of the best things about Central Trade is the fact that it wants to be as progressive, inclusive, and diverse as possible. It recognizes the fact that traders are going to come from all walks of life and that means that these individuals are definitely going to have differing opinions and beliefs. To that end, the broker has also provided an Islamic-friendly account option.

Muslims can therefore enjoy all the benefits of online trading without having to compromise their faith. As such, on-the-spot contracts are offered in the Islamic account option for tradable assets such as forex, silver, gold, and oil. Also, in order to successfully avoid interest rates, Central Trade will also enable the Muslim traders to hold positions overnight as well as indefinitely without crediting or deducting interest rate charges which are also known as rollovers from the respective trading account.

Similar to the real account, in order to successfully open an Islamic account, all you will have to do is finish the registration as well as verification process, after which you will then have to fund your account and then send an email to customer support via an email address that is provided on the abovementioned official website. In the email, you must mention your details and then the team will be able to update your account within minutes.


Let’s talk about the deposit process associated with this online brokerage. All of the different client funds which are deposited with Central Trade are completely separated from the broker’s funds and are subsequently stored in different bank accounts. This method may seem a bit odd to some, but it basically guarantees that the funds will belong to the clients and cannot, therefore, be utilized for any other given purpose.

Also, in the extremely unlikely event that the broker may become insolvent and the future may not be looking all that bright, the funds shall be returned to the clients in a seamless and smooth fashion. The administrator’s costs will be subtracted, however, in order to successfully handle and distribute the funds in such an event which is again very unlikely to happen.

To successfully fund your account, you can do so using a debit or credit card or you may transfer funds directly from your respective bank account. Please note that Central Trade will refuse to accept any cash deposits or cheques. Also, you should make sure that any payment which you do want to make in order to successfully fund your account must be from an invoice or a card that is in your own name and not anyone else’s. To that end, any money which originates from third-party sources shall be rejected and returned.


Similar to that of deposits, the process of withdrawals associated with this online brokerage is relatively straightforward and quite easy. Traders can withdraw funds from their respect accounts online by simply clicking on the icon which says ‘payments’, after which you can select the ‘withdrawals’ tab. Please do note that Central Trade reserves the right to request any additional information as well as proof of identity. The broker will also not transfer funds to any kind of third-party accounts.

Furthermore, in order to make things even easier and faster, if your respective bank account details are already kept on file with the broker then your withdrawal request will be processed on the same day as it was made.


Despite all of the abovementioned factors, an online brokerage will not be able to become very popular if it cannot provide adequate security measures. These measures need to be put in place in order to successfully protect the broker’s clients, the funds as well as all sensitive information associated with the individuals who sign up. To that end, you will be happy to know that Central Trade has installed the latest and most cutting-edge security technologies as well as encryption software that are routinely utilized in order to enhance the broker’s security systems.

There is hence little chance of anyone who may want to cause harm to the other traders signing up with the broker. The chances are made even fewer thanks to the ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ as well as the ‘Privacy’ policies that have been implemented by the broker. To that end, you should also take the time to read through the broker’s terms and conditions as well as all of the different policies which also includes the document about risk warnings before you sign up with it, as by doing so you will know exactly what Central Trade is and what it stands for.

Simply put, when you sign up with this online brokerage, you will be protected at all times and you can thus trade all you want without having to worry about security or safety. This is often needed in the online trading industry as the last thing that you would want is to constantly be paranoid about potentially losing all of your funds or facing any kind of legal issue. This will not happen when you choose this online broker.

Customer support

You may be surprised to know that the online trading industry, much like any other sector, is one that is unfortunately prone to experience certain issues and problems from time to time. Some of these problems may not impact you all that much, whereas others can be quite severe and damaging, such as not being able to log into your account or access your funds anymore. In such an event, you will definitely need to have a reliable and fast-acting customer support team that is ready and willing to assist you at a moment’s notice.

This kind of customer support service is exactly what you get when you sign up with Central Trade, as this broker believes that all traders should be cared for on a constant basis. The customer support team is therefore comprised of industry professionals as well as online trading veterans who have had a lot of experience dealing with a wide array of different issues that are prevalent within this industry. So, no matter what kind of issue you may unexpectedly encounter, you can rest easy knowing that it shall be resolved in a timely and effective manner.

In order to get in touch with the customer support team, you can send out an email using an address that has been mentioned on the official website. You can alternatively also use the broker’s highly advanced yet easy-to-use live-chat function as well. As per our own observations, the response times are also incredible. There are also different language options available.


Finally, we come to the last aspect of this Central Trade review, and that is the act of actually signing up. In order to successfully sign up with this broker, all you would have to do is go back to the aforementioned website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ icon which can be found on the top right corner of your screen regardless of which device you may be utilizing. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to an online form which must be filled out using some personal information about yourself.

This information will include your name, your surname, a working phone number, an email address, a promo code if you have one, the country where you would currently be residing, the language, and lastly, you will also be required to state that you are indeed over 18 years old and that you agree to the broker’s terms and conditions. If you still haven’t read the brokers’ terms and conditions, there is a helpful link provided to these on the registration form itself, so you can check it out with relative ease if you need to.

Once you have done all this, you can click on the sign-up button and the broker will then take some time to verify everything that you have mentioned. The timings regarding the verification may vary, however, it usually does not take very long. Once again, please do keep in mind that the broker reserves the right to ask for any kind of additional information which it may need in order to successfully verify your identity and prove that it is indeed you who wants to open an account and not someone else who may be pretending to be you.

Once everything has been settled and the information which you have provided has been verified, you will then receive a notification from Central Trade stating that your registration application has been successful and that you have signed up successfully.

Closing remarks

In conclusion, Central Trade is one of the best online brokerages that you are likely to find in this day and age. It offers some truly top-of-the-line services, features, and functions which are all often needed in order to have a meaningful and more importantly profitable trading experience. While using the broker’s services and features, even if you encounter some kind of unexpected problem, the customer support team will be there to help you out.

Everything works well and so there is no reason as to why you should not consider Central Trade if you have any kind of interest in online trading. If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with the broker directly.

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