COMIT Network Introduces XMR/BTC Swaps On The Monero Mainnet

A beta model of a tool for swapping between BTC and XMR has been launched by COMIT Network on Monero’s mainnet.

The new Privacy Structures of Monero

Owing to this, the users will be permitted to generate atomic swaps between XMR and BTC without passing centralized trafficking. The privacy system provided by Monero produces anonymity as deceptive addresses are shown on behalf of the users within a created ring. The funds being transferred are indistinguishable from each other. The minimum amount of persons in a ring is 11, so the attacker has the possibility of 1/11 to reach the required recipient unless the ring is far larger than this size.

Despite having more secure transactions than Bitcoin (BC), Monero’s transactions do not have any native transaction as a dissimulation, so it is not trustworthy. The users can minimize the risk of being detected by generating churn transactions. In this method, the currency being transferred is continuously shifted between the wallets before using it. In this way, the currency keeps on relocating its position, and the attacker gets 1/121 chances to get at the transactor.

How do the Atomic Swaps Operate?

As this evolution has proved to be a significant step in the privacy of cryptocurrency, the skeptics of decentralized currency and the governments are targeting it. On the black market of the internet, cryptocurrency is the only method of transaction. Therefore, advanced ransomware and contraband are the tools to get control over the cryptocurrency and its use by an individual. If the privacy of cryptocurrency improves, it is most probable that the governments will trick criminals to create some transactions through cryptocurrency for blaming cryptocurrency.

Government’s Objectives

It would be difficult to claim Bitcoins obtained through big hacks as the transactions are observed keenly by the groups of chain analysis. Atomic swap permits users to mix the digital currency to escape being traced. People who want to convert XMR to BTC will have to convert it through a centralized pathway. With the entrance of atomic swaps on a chain, there is no restriction in currency conversion as the user can convert the currency to any other. In this way, Bitcoin can be acquired by using Monero without any trace.

This move is also a threat to the flat/controlled cryptocurrency behavior under the supervision of countries. It will crush those who are hopelessly trying to boost up the tax interest on cryptocurrency.

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