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Cryptoniqa Review

The fortunes of traders changed surprisingly, when the cryptocurrency hit a number of records in the last few years. The Bitcoin gained popularity after this. From seeing this, several more traders started buying cryptocurrency. As the demand increased, the supply of these innovative currencies also increased.

Now the entire market is investing in cryptocurrency. But as a fresher, it becomes difficult to understand how to get started, how much to buy, and from where to buy. So here is the review of that helps you buy cryptocurrency easily.

About Cryptoniqa

If you are a fresher, then Cryptoniqa must be your first step into the world of cryptocurrency. Cryptoniqa is a secure platform to buy cryptocurrency as a simple and fast pace. Cryptoniqa is licensed under Estonia Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Hence, it has full authority to operate the activities of crypto exchange. The network of Cryptoniqa comprises of leading exchanges, the miners, and successfully profitable community.

Cryptoniqa has vast experience in the field of payments and finance, this is a trusted platform for buying cryptocurrency. The high volume of buying cryptocurrency is handled efficiently and smoothly with their institutional level OTC desk.

The user experience provided by Cryptoniqa is highly seamless through smooth process flow and speedy execution. It provides a fast, simple, and secure user experience and environment for buying cryptocurrencies. It also offers fast transactions, institutional level of storage of funds, best rates, and compromises in terms of security. The team of Cryptoniqa is available 24/7 and tries to help in every way they can. May it be technical assistance, user queries, or general feedback. The customer care team is always active and present for you.

Cryptoniqa was started with a vision to make the best and seamless exchange of cryptocurrency. Cryptoniqa is emerging as a leading platform for people interested in trading Ethereum and Bitcoin. They keep on adding more cryptocurrencies, with specialization of Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the major reasons for their popularity is superb exchange rates.

How does it work?

You can start buying the cryptocurrency in just three steps. These steps and their benefits are as follows.

  1. Open an account

The first step when you join anything is the registration process. The registration process of Cryptoniqa is very simple. You have to provide your basic details in an online form and confirm your account. Personal information like name and contact details will also be asked. It is your duty to be genuine by providing the correct, complete and accurate information.

By law, you are not liable to provide personal information to the company, but failing to do so would result in the loss of ability to contact and verify you. If you are opening an account with some other person’s details, make sure you have the written consent of the person. The company also collects some activity related information like the information you have read on the website, the content you have gathered. Session durations, the services you are interested in, location and the internet protocol (IP) address, the web pages visited, and more.

The company may also contact the third party to collect and analyze all the above-mentioned data. But the use of Cryptoniqa is without any worries as this data is to improve the user experience itself.

  1. Complete KYC/AML

You need to verify yourself using your residential proof and identity proof document. This facilitates the authenticity of the account. Your documents will be verified, and if everything is found to be correct, your account will be finalized. You can only have a single account on Cryptoniqa.

If you try opening another account, both of your accounts get suspended. Also, it is observed that the more details you provide, the more easily and faster your account gets verified.

Cryptoniqa is supported by a strong encryption system. It encrypts all the data you provide and it will not be compromised by any means. The buying of cryptocurrency is secured under a privacy policy and will not be used for any illegal purposes.

  1. Buy Bitcoin

This is the last and the main step in the registration process. You can buy any cryptocurrency of your choice. Cryptocurrency is supported by PCI DSS, which is a level one payment gateway. It provides exchanges in an easy way and a seamless process. Cryptoniqa also provide many payment methods. These payment methods include wire transfers, credit cards, alternative payment methods. You can also withdraw funds with the payment method used for depositing purposes.

Wire transfers are a payment method which lets you send money without any payment service fees or charges. It also paves a secure and easy money transfer. Alternative payment methods include many different payment methods to cater to the needs of each and every individual. You can check the entire list of alternative payment method on Cryptoniqa website. It also provides 20 digital electronic payment methods. You can pay using e-wallets which supports real-time money transfer, prepaid credit cards, and speedy deposits.

Why Cryptoniqa?

In the field of cryptocurrency, reputation and genuineness are the key factors. Cryptoniqa fulfills both factors. It is a genuine and reputed platform for buying cryptocurrency. To provide a user-friendly and transparent platform. All the transactions are executed speedily.

There are no hidden fees or extra charges as such. All exchanges are carried out as per regulations and are licensed. The high volume of exchanges is also approved. There is an institutional level storage process. You can easily deposit and withdraw anytime. Cryptoniqa also provides great rates guaranteed. Security and user policies are also strict.

Security provided by Cryptoniqa

The KYC/AML security policies of Cryptoniqa are well formulated and cover all the required security implementations. This maintains the genuineness of the users and the reputation of the company. A basic overview of the same is as follows:

  • The customers are identified and verified before starting a financial relationship with them. It includes Identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO)
  • Risk-based customer due diligence is established and maintained for high risk presenting customers. All the transactions of customers are analyzed and risk-based analysis is done. This helps to identify any criminal activity, if happening. Reasonable measures are taken to ensure that the services of the company do not hold assets as a result.
  • There are also procedures that report suspicious activities taking place internally, which are relevant to the law enforcement authorities.
  • The Cryptoniqa staff is periodically trained about AML. This evaluates the control procedures and effectiveness of the policies. It meets the international requirements and fulfil all the relevant guidelines.

Cryptoniqa is very easy to use by any trader, may it be a fresher or an experienced person. After successful creation and approval of the account, you are all set to buy cryptocurrency. But before that, make sure you have entered all the necessary verifications details. Also, you should be above 18 years of age. If you cannot verify yourself, you cannot purchase any cryptocurrency.

Most of the traders are scared to share their personal information due to the misuse of data. They feel that their information might be compromised and it can affect them in many ways. But while creating an account with Cryptoniqa, one should keep in mind that just as a person doesn’t want this, neither does Cryptoniqa supports this.

To protect the data of the individual, Cryptoniqa has implemented tough and strict security measures and policies on its website. You also get timely notifications of all the activity going on in your account through SMS and email. This helps you to track unauthorized activity. Your wallet is also watched and monitored for a security breach. This will preserve our returns and investments from being stolen. As mentioned before, Cryptoniqa also encrypts all the data of the user and its transactions.

Fees and charges

For the exchange of cryptocurrency, Cryptoniqa platform takes a charge of 4.7%, including the VAT charges. Therefore, Cryptoniqa is a reasonable and competitive platform for buying Bitcoins. The FAQ section answers many questions related to buying cryptocurrency, the fees, and the charges. Traders can access these FAQs to clear all their doubts.

The customer support is also always available as and when needed. The Value Added Tax (VAT) charged is very competitive with other companies, which means you get a good rate of exchange of your cryptocurrency. The best thing about Cryptoniqa is that it does not impose any sort of hidden taxes, charges or fees. Whatever would be charged is explained to you and is consistent throughout the order.

Cryptoniqa also offers the best exchange rates than those available in the market. You cannot find such great rates for buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies across the entire market as compared to the Cryptoniqa. The rates keep on changing and will be finalized upon successful payment and placement of the order. Once the order is placed, then the rest processing begins.

Payment processing

The policy of payment is that once you have made the payment and confirm the order, it cannot be cancelled. If the payment processing starts, the order cannot be cancelled. If due to some technical reasons, the platform may itself cancel your order. In this case, the payment deducted from your account is refunded. A transfer fee of $50 is taken for initiating the refund.

It takes up to 2 to 5 days for cryptocurrency to be added in your account wallet. This is because the rate of cryptocurrency keeps on fluctuating and is decided only after confirmation of the order. Regardless of all these, Cryptoniqa surely offers the best buying rates as compared to other competitors in the entire market. There are many offers for buying cryptocurrencies that are also available. The more you buy the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the less it will be charged for you.

The KYC police and anti-money laundering minimizes the risk of payment which buying cryptocurrencies through Cryyptoniqa. As mentioned in the how it works section, there are many payment methods provided which includes debit card, credit card, digital wallet, Master card, Visa card, wire transfer and many more.

Customer support of Cryptoniqa

There are many ways mentioned on the website of Cryptoniqa with which you can contact with the customer support team of Cryptonica. You can fill the online message form and include your query or message in it. You can email to the concerned person directly at the email address provided on their website. You can also resolve your queries by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

A phone number is also given on the Cryptoniqa website. You can call on it for direct communication with the Cryptoniqa professionals. All these communication replies are received as soon as possible. Hence, you do not need to wait for their response for a long time. The website and all communications are done in a universal language, that is English. It facilitates communication for global traders.

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