Elon Musk Joins Bitcoin’s Promoters of #LaserRayUntil100K Twitter Meme

The Bitcoin meme, which indicates Bitcoin backers are now expecting the digital currency to reach $100,000, was first tweeted early this week, and it is now gathering momentum. The influential rich man, Elon Musk, after leading his company’s team to invest $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, has been an aggressive promoter of the digital asset. He has also endorsed a meme of a woman wearing gleaming eyes with BTC in the image. Apart from Musk, Senator Cynthia Lummis, a BTC investor, also displayed her picture with laser eyes looking glowingly, a rising symbol of Bitcoin.

What does the laser eye meme mean?

According to Neeraj Agrawal, the trending meme is just a way of demonstrating the rise in strength levels. She compared it with a situation when a character suddenly displays glowing eyes. But another site, Know Your Meme, explained that glowing red eyes mean a person is in total control of a situation.

This is in contrast to glowing yellow eyes, a symbol of somebody being controlled by another person. When the twitter Bitcoin was first posted, users later did the photoshop and added “taking total control,” which means they took total control of Bitcoin’s upsurge, except to reach $100K.

Another promoter of the trending meme is a crypto podcaster, Greg Zaj. He also tweeted the Laser Ray hashtag and added that he would be more persistent in promoting Bitcoin until it reaches $100,000. As of the time of writing this report, BTC is still settled at $55,000.

Right now, Bitcoin has jumped by 90% since the beginning of the year. Magdalena of Quadriga crypto exchange also added her voice that she was waiting patiently to watch Bitcoin hit $100,000 and celebrate it. However, it is not sure whether she’ll leave the meme on his Twitter profile till BTC hits $100,000, but she promised to leave it for months.

Senator Cynthia Lummis is a Staunch Bitcoin Supporter

Lummis is an outspoken BTC fan who said she edited her Twitter Bio because she was an ardent lover of cryptocurrencies and the ongoing fintech revolution. It is noteworthy that the senator is not only a big supporter of Bitcoin; she has been a Bitcoin investor since 2013 and has about $50K to $100K worth of Bitcoin. Her colleague, Senator Warren Davidson, is also a staunch supporter of digital currency.

However, he has not disclosed if he has also invested in Bitcoin. These personalities are among the growing list of influential individuals and corporate institutions publicly declaring their support and promoting BTC aggressively. The CEOs of Microstrategy and Meltem also joined the meme laser eyes display.

According to JPMorgan, Bitcoin has the potential to hit $100K, though it’s not sure the bullish momentum is sustainable. Bitcoin now has a market value of about $600 billion. But it has to reach $146K to reach the level of private investment in gold.

Bitcoin is still worried about the valuation of Bitcoin. Since 2020, Bitcoin has risen by 300%. JP Morgan views Bitcoin as an alternative currency to gold, while some investors have already seen Bitcoin as digital gold, thereby prioritizing it over the yellow metal.

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