Ethereum Is Set For Merge as Developer Completes Last Shadow Fork

The Ethereum network developers recently announced that they had completed the last shadow test for the Ethereum upgrade. They added that the much-anticipated merge is ready to commence on the assigned date.

Ethereum Developers Completes Final Shadow Fork

The entire crypto industry is beaming with excitement as the prolonged Ethereum merge is finally around the corner. The network developers confirmed that they had fulfilled all the prerequisites required to make Ethereum’s transition to PoS a successful one.

According to reports, a shadow fork is crucial in any system upgrade.  It helps developers test how compatible new features are with the system they are upgrading. It also helps them to fish out and solve any technical glitches before they upgrade a system permanently. 

Furthermore, In April this year, Ethereum expert developers initiated the first Ethereum network shadow fork for the merge. About six months after, they announced that the 13th and final Ethereum PoS transition shadow fork was complete. 

The announcement gave hints that the network is all set for its migration to the proof of Stake consensus model. During their last testnet, Ethereum developers reportedly were able to test run validators’ nodes, infrastructures, and technical facilities. 

Furthermore, they practiced contract deployment, scalability, transaction speed, and other functions. Generally, they were able to check and gauge the potential positive and negative impact the Ethereum upgrade would create via the shadow forks. 

Ethereum Users Needs To Pay Close Attention To The Merge

Meanwhile, the Ethereum network needs to ensure its clients are up to date on their upgrade progress, as a slight variance in operation might prevent their interoperability. Similarly, the CEO of BitMEX, a crypto exchange, recently urged crypto firms to pay close attention to the Ethereum upgrade procedures. 

The CEO, Alexander Hoptner, explained crypto companies must be on alert and update their services to avoid downtime. He hinted that high volatility might hit the crypto market after the Ethereum merge completion. 

Hoptner further highlighted that the upgrade would encourage massive crypto adoption from institutional investors interested in the economic and environmental growth the migration would offer.

He also commented on the tendency of a network-splitting hard fork as he said if the PoW fork has a strong community backing, then it’s all good. Conclusively, he urged all firms that offer crypto services and products to improve their services and operation to fit into the upcoming Ethereum upgrade.

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