Flasko (FLASK) to Overtake Dogecoin (DOGE) And Flow (FLOW) in 2023

Cryptocurrencies have seen their values dropping over recent months. That had some individuals selling their tokens amidst growing anxiety. However, some trust the present downturn is momentarily and everything will be fine soon. 

Analysts believe Flasko (FLASK) will outshine Dogecoin (DOE) and Flow (FLOW) to be the most significant investment in 2023. That will translate to renewed hope in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Flow Investors Buying into FLASK Presale 

Flow is a web3 side designed to run digital assets, apps, and next-gen games. Also, it’s an essential tool for creators to develop an impressive user experience. Indeed, Flow has its functionalities suited to ensure a top-notch user experience. 

FLOW, like other tokens, has made several revival attempts but fell short for various reasons. First and foremost, the current market atmosphere is a substantial deterrent for new market players, driving them to trim their Flow holdings. 

Moreover, the blockchain hasn’t made substantial moves to collaborate with social influencers and attract young traders to its network. Investors trust the narrative could change and propel Flow towards $5. Meanwhile, recent actions have FLOW investors rushing to buy the Flasko presale. 

DOGE Investors Looking for Alternatives 

Dogecoin has seen many market cycles that most alts, despite arriving in the crypto world as a joke. Dogecoin is currently in the top ten crypto list by value. This week had Dogecoin trading sideways while witnessing massive trading activity. DOGE flourished since the July token upgrade as developers focus on new functionalities to ensure Dogecoin is more mainstream. 

DOGE currently trades at $0.0614. However, it’s unlikely that DOGE will surge until when the market might pick up, mid-2023. Most Dogecoin investors are looking for alternatives as the meme coin plateau. Some have resorted to the new FLASK. 

Flasko (FLASK) To Be a Leading Investment 

Cryptocurrency whales have noted the newest crypto Flasko. The project brings crypto enthusiasts to the expensive and exclusive wine, champagne, and whiskey investment industry. Flasko builds a lucrative marketplace to allow users to solely and fractionally invest in exclusive and rare champagnes, wines, and whiskey.

Moreover, FLAKS’s presale has attracted investors due to the asset’s potential to gain 4,000% before 2022-end.

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