Important Contributors And Investors Deliberate Over The Yearn Token

The Yearn finance team’s innovations and recommendations are primarily supposed to be something positive or fairly scrutinized. In the absence of both, the criticism of the new project by its board members has left the matter elongated into what could lead to something more serious than it is right now.

In a news report last week, six-core contributors and investors of the Yearn community proposed an alternate dividend structure, which is set to allow the Defi protocol to buy and reshare tokens with its generated revenue, as opposed to the usual dividend sharing.

The BABY proposal

The hot discussion of the core contributors and investors could be termed as inconclusive, as discussions are still ongoing over the Yearn finance dividend distribution. However, there is a feeling of unity around the new proposed dividend distribution method called BABY. The BABY proposal is set to allow Yearn to grow at an expedient rate by ensuring that stakers do not get protocol fees as dividends anymore, as the dividends will now be re-integrated into the system for its growth.

The feeling around the distribution of dividends to stakers is understandable, but what should be of paramount importance to everyone involved now is the Yearn DeFi space’s growth. The new proposal has also been likened to methods used by other Blockchain and DeFi contributors. With proven success, the new request has yielded results by improving token price, market capitalization, and overall stakeholder’s dividends.

A core contributor who also doubles as an investor in the yearn space, Micheal Adam, echoes the other contributors’ thoughts and agrees that immediate gains should not be the aim as the long term growth of Yearn should be everyone’s aspiration right now. However, a limitation of the BABY proposal is that the staker’s short term interest has not been considered, as their loyalty will be tested, which in the long run may or may not help Yearn.

The additional mint discussion

The discussion around the minting of another 1000 tokens as incentives to the original proposed 30,000 for the core team is also hot on the table. The discussion has both been both faced opposition and support. The antagonist argues that it is greedy for the core team to earn more outside the original agreement.

While the supporters feel that the developers need more. The discussions of minting continue to be a hot topic on social media, especially on Twitter. The founder of Yearn had taken to social media to join the argument surrounding the Defi community. In Cronje’s statement, he confirmed that the developers did not request or even propose the new 1,000 tokens’ minting.

The argument raised by many detractors of the new proposal is that it will defy the original trustworthy culture on which the Yearn team was built. However, in Cronje’s statement, there is yet a resolution on both the BABY proposal and the minting of more tokens, as at the time of writing.

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