Lamborghini Launches Limited NFTs To Celebrate 70 Years Of Existence

The Italian luxury car brand Lamborghini recently partnered with two blockchain developer firms to launch its NFTs collection. The car firm plans to release four NFTs collections embedded with use cases and Lamborghini’s fortune-filled history. 

Lamborghini Plans To Launch 4 Limited Edition NFTs Collection

According to the reports, Lamborghini planned to venture into the web3 space by launching four limited NFTs collections. The collection, identified as a World tour, would reportedly depict the fortunes of Lamborghini’s history, and all come with use cases. 

Furthermore, the four collections would comprise one rare and three based non-fungible tokens, per the report. The car brand announced that the rare NFTs would be 63 units, each worth $1,962. 

In addition, the base NFTs would be 1,963, each going for $196.3. According to the reports, Lamborghini highlighted its NFTs collection as ‘The Epic Road Trip.’ 

Also, the collection development started in August this year and will continue till its completion in March next year. Meanwhile, the development of the Italian luxury car brand’s World Tour NFTs series would kick start on October 24th. 

The launching would take place on the brand’s website, and the NFTs would be accessible within 24 hours of its launch. In addition, Lamborghini reportedly planned to use the  ‘World Tour’ NFTs collection to celebrate its 70 years of existence since 1963. Also, the theme depicts the brand’s fantastic historical experience as it journeyed across the world. 

The NFTs Collection Has Some Utility Cases

Additionally, both the basic and the rare NFTs collection have their unique utility cases. According to reports, users who possess the base NFTs alone would receive a piece of the ultimate silver NFT puzzle. 

Meanwhile, users with both rare and base NFTs collection would receive a piece of the ultimate gold NFT puzzle. Furthermore, users who collect NFTs throughout the project’s duration would receive several other benefits from the project. 

Some benefits included Lamborghini’s wallpapers, stile sketch, GLB File, and VIP Tours. Lamborghini is among the numerous giant firms venturing into NFTs and Web3 initiatives. 

Recently, FIFA and Budweiser announced their partnership aimed at launching a Budverse X FIFA World Cup project. Through the project, FIFA aimed to offer football fans a spectacular world cup experience. 

In addition, the partners planned to present a digital scoreboard at the occasion. Also, users can access, mint, or buy the NFTs now on

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