Lindsay Lohan Offers a Daft Punk NFT for $15,000

While the robots are nowhere to be found, Lohan keeps making money from the project. Lindsay Lohan, a notable crypto enthusiast, has offered her Daft-Punk-based Non-fungible token (NFT) for $15,000. The robot was seen on the popular website, Rarible. This is strange because the project has already disappeared and is not expected to be displayed on the market.

The crypto-enthusiast says the price of her Daft Punk NFT is $15K. It is widely known that one of the essential features of crypto-collectibles is that they should be real, but we aren’t sure of this item’s genuineness.

The Highest Bid for Daft Punk’s NFT is $88

As for Lohan, her digital item is a seemingly unrealistic portrait of the two music personalities wearing robot clothes. This was displayed by a user named “Daft Punk,” who seems not to be related to the two men in the image- Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter.

Meanwhile, reporters have inquired about the image from Rarible. Documents from the Rarible show that the said: “Daft Punk” minted some versions of the items earlier in the week. However, the user had minted each of them into different versions to make real images. After that, he sent them to the wallets of Beeple and other famous name collectors.

The issue is that Beeple, Cuban and other recipients of the items never paid; their users merely gave them. Apparently, in a bid to shoot himself to the limelight and promote the item. But the recipients of Daft Punk’s gift just left it untouched because they haven’t showcased the image to the public.

On the other hand, Lohan keeps selling the said non-tangible token via the secondary market charging $15K. Apart from that, Daft Punk faded away yesterday, indicating that the user might have been lucky considering the time. It is also possible that he knew the item would vanish.

It is also likely that Lohan was quite aware that the brand would scatter soon. People have been able to predict accurately future occurrences. For example, the Rock indicated that Osama Bin Laden would be killed before the incident. As of writing this report, nobody has bid a premium price for the image as the highest bid for Daft Punk’s NFT is still below $90.

What are NFTs All?

NFTs stand for Non-fungible tokens, and they refer to Ethereum-based digital articles that have now gained wide popularity since last year. If you buy an NFT, you are asserting your ownership of the said digital item. Some of the NFTs are just online pictures or images who’s pictures some people took and uploaded on their phones.

However, those who can convince the public of their real ownership of the items make more profits. For instance, in December 2021, Beeple made $3.5million from the digital collective he sold online. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique. They are not divisible. They also cause digital scarcity. The NFT is an Ethereum-based program tagged ERC-721. Now, NFTs are offered on other platforms.

NFTs are used for digital collectibles and arts. NFTs represents a new aspect of the ever-growing crypto space. NFTs comprise unique details that are available in smart contracts. The specific details of an NFT distinguish it from the others so that no NFT can be substituted. Likewise, you can’t swap one NFT for the other because each NFT has its unique attributes and is not the same with another. This is in contrast to cash that you can use to replace the other with the same value.

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