MasterCard Carries Out a Survey to Find Out How People React to Cryptocurrencies

MasterCard Carries Out a Survey to Find Out How People React to Cryptocurrencies

If you are familiar with the cryptocurrency industry since 2020, then you would know exactly how it gained mainstream recognition on a global scale. One must ask that cryptocurrencies had been around since 2009 but why did they gain mainstream recognition in 2020.

The answer lies in the involvement of major institutions from the mainstream sector. These institutions have played a huge role in expanding the cryptocurrency sector. They have pushed the crypto-verse over the fence of the tech community confinements, bringing them to commoners.

Initial Supporters of Cryptocurrencies

The initial support for cryptocurrencies came in the form of MicroStrategy, PayPal, and so many more companies. They invested in the cryptocurrency industry in their own manner and were able to bring in huge support and adoption from the mainstream sector.

Now, the number of supporters of cryptocurrencies is rising in the mainstream sector and companies such as Visa, and MasterCard are also jumping into the sector.

It is a positive sign for the entire cryptocurrency industry that the electronic financial service provider, MasterCard is also aiming to gain exposure in the cryptocurrency sector.

For this purpose, MasterCard is aiming to learn how much demand it has in the particular regions.

MasterCard Researches the Caribbean and Latin American Region

The Caribbean and Latin America are some of the most promising regions where MasterCard is providing its services. MasterCard carried out a survey in order to learn how many of its users are interested or have gained exposure to cryptocurrencies.

The survey results were quite promising for MasterCard as they revealed that more than half of the clients of MasterCard in these regions have interacted with cryptocurrencies.

If not multiple times, at least, they have interacted with cryptocurrencies for once, as confirmed through the survey.

The Demand for Cryptocurrencies is Global

MasterCard revealed that the survey they carried out in these regions was almost similar to the overall opinions they had collected from their clients from all over the world.

The financial services provider has revealed that more than 35,000 people participated in the survey on a global scale. The survey helped them establish that 51% of the total clients from LAC had interacted with cryptocurrencies at least once.

Surprisingly, 66% of the Latin American participants revealed that they have interacted with cryptocurrencies. This gives MasterCard more of a reason to let explore the cryptocurrency sector in detail.

MasterCard is already exploring the crypto sector, aiming to offer more services and utilities to its clients. It is highly likely that MasterCard will aim to make cryptocurrencies more adaptable for the clients by introducing more utilities and features.

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