McDonald’s Branch In Swiss City Offers Crypto Payment Options

The worldwide fast food vendor, McDonald, has started offering crypto payment options to its customers at its Lugano branch. This made it one of the firms to participate in the fast-evolving crypto development in the Switzerland region.

McDonald Offers Customers Crypto Payment Option

Lugano is a crypto-friendly, Italian-speaking city in Switzerland with over 63k population. The city is rapidly becoming a crypto hub as it booms with crypto-related services and products.

According to the latest reports, McDonald’s branch in Lugano announced that it has started accepting Bitcoin as payment for its services. Hence, customers can start paying for their food items from the vendor with BTC and USDT.

Furthermore, a couple of days ago, a short video showing how to order and pay for goods with BTC on McDonald’s digital kiosk via an app surfaced on tweeter. In addition, Lugano announced in March this year that it has adopted BTC, USDT, and LVGA tokens into its national currency system.

Meanwhile, in March, the city regulators and Tether network developers jointly signed a Plan B project. As stated in the project, Tether would build two separate investment pools dedicated to developing the crypto economy in the city. 

According to the project, the first pool would contain about 106 million USD, which would be used to help crypto startups. The second pool, $3 million, would be used to urge businesses and shops in the city to adopt cryptocurrency.

Lugano City Accepts Crypto As Payment For Virtually Everything 

Furthermore, the deal allows the citizens of Lugano to pay their taxes via digital assets. In addition, it also enables them to pay their tuition fees, parking fees, and other public services with crypto.  

Reports revealed that the development looks forward to onboarding about 200 kiosks and businesses in Lugano. According to their plans, many vendors like McDonald’s in the city will start offering digital asset payment options to their customers soon. 

The CTO of Tether, Paolo Ardiono, stated in a recent interview that Plan B is coming great as expected. He added that there would be a general awareness of blockchain and digital assets in the city soon. He claimed that the awareness would educate Lugano’s citizens on the benefits of digital assets for two weeks.

Meanwhile, when El Salvador adopted cryptocurrency in September 2021, McDonald’s regional branch also started accepting crypto. As of now, all the 19 McDonald’s outlet in El Salvador offers crypto payment options to customers.

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