Michael Saylor Says He Influenced Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Buy

Micheal Saylor strongly believes that his discussions with Musk last year on Twitter influenced him to buy $1.5B in Bitcoin. Saylor of Microstrategy disclosed in an interview though not exhaustive that the discussions he had with Musk sometime in December were one of the major reasons Musk purchased $1.5B BTC the next year in January. Subsequently, in the interview, he stated that Changes in Bitcoin have been impressive and have attracted numerous traders and investors from different sectors other than industry.

Michael Saylor Encouraged Musk’s Purchase of Bitcoin

It is no news that Tesla purchased Bitcoin worth $1.5billion early this year. This happened after a contentious past with BTC and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. It is worthy to note that before Tesla’s big purchase in Bitcoin, Elon had a short discussion with Saylor over Twitter. It is also important to know that Saylor is a distinguished supporter of BTC. In the conversation, he encouraged Musk to transform Tesla’s Purchase Ledger to Bitcoin rather than being in Dollars because he could make a hundred billion favor to Tesla’s Investors.

He also satisfied Musk’s curiosity by informing him of the possibility of bulky transactions and even went ahead to show his billion-dollar transactions. Saylor still firmly believes that his discussion with Musk influenced his purchase, and he also stated this in an interview with Time. He still maintained non-disclosure of detailed information as this may contravene business ethics.

No Criticism To Those Who Set Bitcoin aside

It is only expected that Bitcoin would be set aside by agents in the conventional finance space as it is still relatively new and disorderly. In previous years many were cynical about Bitcoin and even called it different names with Saylor, Dimon, and even Warren Buffet. In recent years, most of those who were doubtful of Bitcoin accepted they misjudged the currency, but Saylor believes these doubts are anticipated.

He justified the doubts at the initial stage by stating they these were individuals who had solid finances and are intellectuals, so it’s only expected they reacted in that manner when a relatively new currency like Bitcoin was introduced. It is a revolution. Thomas Kuhn noted that when something relatively new is introduced, it’s only expected there’s some form of reluctance to its acceptance. He pointed that it’s usually new descendants that tend to accept them, except there’s some extraordinary force that compels adjustments.

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