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You Can Now Purchase Cryptocurrencies From Your Neteller Wallet

For anyone of you crypto enthusiasts that have been following up on all the buzz from the crypto world, you’ll agree with us that buying crypto assets has never been easier, given that a host of high-end payment providers have moved into the crypto sphere. These payment gurus have begun providing cryptocurrency exchange services that not only enable their users to exchange their wallet balances for cryptocurrency stakes but also to sell them off for a profit, should there be any significant gain in crypto prices.

And the overall setup by these payment providers has been working well. More and more private traders are getting into the cryptocurrency market as restrictions are lifted and these big players have relaxed the entry requirements. Moreover, they sense a brighter future for the cryptocurrency world as a whole as blockchain-based payment services receive more mainstream adoption.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at Neteller, one of the more prominent giants in digital payments processing, that has integrated facilities that enable their customers to purchase, hold, and sell off cryptocurrency right from their Neteller wallets. Worthy of note is the fact that Neteller is a sister company to Skrill, a payment service firm, and both are owned by Paysafe Holdings, a UK-based powerhouse that has maintained a significant stake in the global payments industry.

For one, the measure of acceptance that Neteller has offered to cryptocurrency is impressive, in that the entire Neteller wallet interface was overhauled to include a crypto sub-wallet with advanced features that simplify buying and selling cryptocurrency to just a few clicks on your smartphone or computer. It’s an absolute no-brainer.

Like our previous article on buying cryptocurrency from a Skrill wallet, we have included in a list format virtually everything you need to know to get started on trading crypto right form your Neteller wallet.

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  1. How Can I Purchase Cryptocurrencies With Neteller?

Like we said earlier, Neteller, a company under the Paysafe Holdings umbrella, has introduced a user-friendly interface into its user dashboard, that allows Neteller users to buy cryptocurrency assets right from your Neteller wallet. Once you head over to the Crypto option which is conspicuously displayed on the user dashboard, you get to the option of changing your Neteller wallet balance in as much as 28 supported currencies into crypto.

When you’ve bought a stake in cryptocurrencies, you get to store it in your Neteller wallet, and should you ever want to offload your crypto stake so you can use the money for another purpose, you have the option of exchanging your cryptocurrency balance back to a fiat currency balance, and you can spend it anywhere Neteller is accepted. Simple.

  1. What are the Requirements For Buying Cryptocurrencies From My Neteller Balance?

As crazy as it sounds, Neteller doesn’t require you to prove that you’re not affiliated with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah and promise that you’re not going to support international terrorism like most payment services do (literally). Although Neteller keeps the bar very high on security, they still do well to maintain a sensible level of flexibility that makes Neteller suited for all kinds of casual and serious crypto investors alike.

That said, all you require to start buying cryptocurrencies from your Neteller balance is just a verified Neteller account and nothing more. If you have that ready, you’re good to go.

  1. How Much Cryptocurrency Can I Purchase From My Neteller Wallet?

Just like their sister service, Neteller is all out to grab a massive chunk of the crypto trading sphere, given the degree of flexibility they offer to users interested in cryptocurrency trading. According to information from Neteller’s site, users are allowed to purchase as much cryptocurrency as they desire, and are only limited by the existing transaction limits on their accounts. This means that the more verified and active your Neteller account is the maximum amount of cryptocurrency you can purchase increases proportionally.

On the other hand, the minimum amount of cryptocurrency that a Neteller user can purchase from a Neteller wallet balance is also reasonable at only 10 Euros or its equivalent in the local currency that the Neteller users’ account is denominated. At that rate, a Neteller customer operating a US Dollar account should be expecting to invest around a $12 minimum or thereabout. Makes good sense…

  1. How Long Does It Take For the Cryptocurrency I’ve Purchased To Show Up In My Neteller Wallet?

Now, wait. Take it easy. Your money isn’t going anywhere. Neteller is a force to be reckoned with, and they can’t risk the bad publicity associated with you missing finds from your account, even for a few seconds. Understandably, Neteller’s supercomputers are hard at work to ensure that once you click the “Buy” button your money is converted to the cryptocurrency of your choice and is made available in under 3 seconds.

  1. What Are The Fees For purchasing Cryptocurrencies From My Neteller Wallet?

Like you probably expected, Neteller charges a service fee for the crypto exchange services they offer to their users and deducts this fee at the time of the exchange. For Neteller users who hold their funds in either a Us Dollar or Euro account, Neteller charges 0nly 1.5% of the entire transaction value, while customers who operate wallets in other supported currencies, Neteller charges a 3.0% of the entire buy or sell transaction value.

With such a considerate pricing system, Neteller users get good bang for their buck as well as the protection that comes along with having your money in the hands of a reliable company with a proven record.

  1. Can I Purchase Cryptocurrency From My Local Currency?

In case you’re interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies from your Neteller account, but you’re not based in either the UK or the US, Neteller has you in mind and has made provisions that cover you. It’s entirely possible to purchase cryptocurrency from your local currency, and in such a situation, your Neteller wallet will be debited based on the crypto-currency exchange, and you will immediately receive the cryptocurrency you purchased.

  1. What Cryptocurrencies Can I Purchase With My Neteller Balance?

Similar to Skrill, Neteller only makes provisions for purchasing the higher-ups in the cryptocurrency world and their supported range of cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP)0x (ZRX) and many more.

With all you’ve read here, we’re confident that you’re ready to get started trading cryptocurrency right from your Neteller wallet, and should you have any question, we’re only a comment away!

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