New CoinZoom Crypto Debit Card Could Improve Crypto Use

The last few years have seen digital wallet integration companies launched different versions of cryptocurrency-based debit cards. This is made possible due to the increased relationship between digital exchange platforms and payment companies that have all it takes to offer regular debit cards, including Visa or Mastercard. The collaboration ensures that many digital exchange firms can offer their users both fiat and cryptocurrency options whenever they need to make any payment.

CoinZoom cards provide more options for cryptocurrency users

CoinZoom had successfully exploited its relationship with Visa to launch its unique debit card. The fully regulated United States-domiciled cryptocurrency exchange joins the list of exchange platforms with their unique crypto debit cards after creating a new one consisting of laudable features and perks galore.

The newly created CoinZoom crypto debit card comes in five different forms and types, thereby ensuring that all crypto investors and users have multiple choices to choose from. Each tier has a unique color and benefits for every of its owner. However, you are expected to purchase nothing less than 100 ZOOM tokens to stand a chance of having any of the five cards.

The first is the green “Select” card, which you can seamlessly connect to the platform’s digital payment app known as ZoomMe. The select card allows all users to spend up to $500 per day, and it offers users 24-hour customer support. The second type is known as the “preferred” card made up of white color. With this sleekly-designed card, owners cannot exceed the $1000 spending limit within 24 hours. It equally consists of all the benefits available to “select” card users. The third type is the Gold card, which includes a $2,500 spending limit and every feature possessed by the two aforementioned cards. The Gold card occupies the fourth position, and it boasts a $5,000 spending limit per day.

CoinZoom application offers the perfect way to amass crypto wealth

Lastly, the Platinum card stays in the fifth position. It is recommended to all crypto users who love spending big as it consists of a $10,000 spending limit per day. The last four cards include a crypto back feature that enhances an easy and profitable shopping experience. Irrespective of the CoinZoom card you go for, you are permitted to store your digital assets on a mobile and well-protected wallet. You are also allowed to complete transactions in cryptocurrency or fiat currency as long as you are in one of the 53 million locations where the use of a Visa card is legally accepted.

CoinZoom’s mobile application also ensures straightforward conversion of fiat currency to cryptocurrency, which means users can make payments in any of the two currencies without encountering any challenges. As a way to encourage high use of its new crypto debit card, CoinZoom features a ‘crypto back’ program that allows users to earn a considerable amount of Bitcoin and other Altcoins. With the crypto bank feature, users are guaranteed to improve their crypto stack without engaging in special activities. All they need to do is just shop and pay via any of the five CoinZoom cards.

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