New York’s Small Town Massena Temporarily Suspends Cryptocurrency Mining For Aesthetic Reasons

Massena, a minor town in the territory of New York, which touches the border of Canada, has suspended the mining of cryptocurrency for a short period as mentioning that these operations are not so good for the environment of the area. The move has been taken to maintain the beauty of the zone.

Aesthetic reasons behind the suspension of crypto mining

A Friday report stated that the authorities of the town had enacted a moratorium of 90 days on the operations of new BTC mining. Steve O’Shaughnessy, the supervisor of the town, mentioned that the authorities pronounced to make some new regulations to be implemented on the fresh miners as they observed trailers containing computers moving on one of the main roads of the town.

Steve told to WWNY-TV that they are not in favor of the trailers that expedite Bitcoin to litter in the area. The purpose is that the town should look nice to the visitors. The restriction was seemingly imposed by the authorities of the city to ensure that the shipping and trailers should not block the roadsides in the zone and to move these things off the roads.

Simultaneously, the electricity department of the city is negotiating with three companies dealing with cryptocurrencies. TBEN News reported that the electricity organization had devised a new prohibition on itself that it would not deal with the new miners. It further says that the contracts done by it would be in favor and of the protection of the present consumers.

Andrew McMahon, the city’s superintendent of electricity, described that the developers are now focused on the most significant factors like reliability and cost-effectiveness regarding electricity which have always been the center of attention for the authorities. Currently, cheap electricity is specifically an important benefit for the miner of Bitcoin as well as the businesses because they are capable of providing a throttle for the progress of the local economy.

Despite the present downfall of the Bitcoin hash rate, the mining operations are continuously being carried out by the prominent mining firms of North America, and they are enhancing their capacity for gaining a relatively larger percentage in the market share. The individual North American miners may also assist the sector in complying with the newly imposed regulations, especially in the case of the protection of the ecosystem.

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