Paxful To Integrate Moonpay Into Platform For Credit Card Payment

Paxful is a prominent exchange in the crypto space, where buyers and sellers can meet to buy and sell Bitcoin. The platform also offers unique services by accepting a broad range of payment options, which most exchanges do not have. The firm is working to create ease of access to Bitcoin and reduce restrictions linked to paying methods.

The peer-to-peer marketplace asserts that its platform is well secured and offers services to different countries globally. Its mission to make credit card payment more manageable has proposed the integration of Moonpay into its platform.

Why Moonpay integration is vital

The Paxful team explained that the new integration is based on creating payment structures for cryptocurrency. Having the payment method linked would facilitate an easy credit card payment with the platform. The process is simplified, and it involves mainly inputting one’s card details into the appropriate area to get an instant purchase or sale of Bitcoin.

It is safe to note that the process is automated without needing human authentication, which could be time-wasting. For now, Moonpay would allow only some currencies, with a promise to add more legal tenders in the future.

The payment solution would allow payments in EUR, GBP, and USD. People have frowned at the limited currencies they were accepting, but it’s still a welcomed development to pivot the integration of other essential payment options on Paxful. The exchange shared its excitement, following the two platforms’ partnership to make the integration a success.

Paxful acknowledged that it was on a journey to give equal financial opportunities to people. It assured that it would keep expanding its payment methods to give users a broader range of options and access to better financial services. The new collaboration will lead to faster processing of credit card payments and at a reduced cost.

New collaboration would lead to hassle-free transactions

The platform noted that it strives to improve its user experience also, promising a more improved condition as time goes. Paxful understood that faster transactions would significantly enhance the user’s experience over an extended period.

The firm does not joke with its customers, based on its continuous journey to prominently strengthen its financial system. The p2p exchange saw Moonpay as an excellent partner, and hopes to reduce transaction fees, exorbitant in traditional trades. Like numerous crypto-based platforms, the two hope to spread the digital asset’s adoption far and wide.

Cofounder of Moonpay, Ivan Wright, explained that Moonpay and Paxful share a similar commitment to increasing the digital assets’ adoption, making the partnership vital. The firms with the same goals would work together better than firms who have different ideologies.

The CEO also revealed that partnership would bring them a step closer to ensuring adoption by the mainstream. Moonpay promises to give a secure credit card payment from the integration with Paxful. The crypto space is waiting to see what new projects the two might have together following their partnership. Many users worldwide can now receive their Bitcoin within minutes with their latest collaboration.

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