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Pepperstone Review

If you want to start trading, you will first need to find an online broker. Why? This is because the broker will give you access to a trading platform and the instruments that you can buy and sell. There are a ton of brokers you will find in the market, but this doesn’t mean that you can sign up with just any of them. It is important to remember that brokerage scams are also quite common and you don’t want to put your hard-earned money at risk by signing up with a shady broker. If you are looking for a trustworthy broker that can also offer all features needed for an easy and unique trading experience, Pepperstone is right for you.

It has been around for nine years, which is a testament to the level of services and features it has to offer. During this time, it has earned a solid reputation and caters to the needs of thousands of traders all over the globe. Following are some of the ways it has managed to satisfy so many traders:

  • It provides a unique trading experience with a cutting edge trading platform

There has been a lot of technological advancement in the last few years, which has allowed brokers to offer their customers sophisticated and advanced trading platforms. However, the problem is that these platforms are complicated and difficult to use, which can be a major hassle. While Pepperstone also has a cutting edge trading platform, they have ensured that it can be easily navigated and is highly intuitive. The dashboard gives you easy access to all tools you might need and trades are executed with a single click and reflected in real-time.

  • It enables you to diversify as much as you want

Putting all your eggs in one basket is not recommended because the trading market is quite volatile and even a small movement can lead to huge losses. You can start trading with a single instrument, but eventually, it is better to add others to your portfolio to minimize your risks. Pepperstone has ensured that the list of asset it has to offer enables you to accomplish this goal easily. The broker allows you to trade indices like FTSE, NASDAQ, DAX and IBEX, commodities like gold and silver and stocks of top companies like Apple, Google, Snap and Facebook.

You can also invest in the cryptocurrency market as the broker is giving you the chance to trade Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash and Ethereum. You can also choose to trade major, minor and even exotic currency pairs with Pepperstone.

  • It keeps the process of signing up quite easy

If it is too difficult to make an account with a broker, most people would prefer to switch brokers because they don’t want to wait too long before starting their trading journey. Pepperstone allows its customers to sign up quickly with some basic information. Making an account is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. As for account verification, the broker asks for proof of identity and proof of address, which can be scanned and emailed. It doesn’t take very long and you can get started quickly.

  • It has given you many account options to choose from

Not every person who wants to trade will have the same background and budget. Some people may have basic trading knowledge or a little experience and are willing to invest a bit more. Newbies don’t have a lot of capital and have absolutely no experience. Likewise, professional traders make big trades, which mean their investment is considerable. To accommodate all kinds of traders, Pepperstone has added a total of 2 account options to its platform. The standard account is designed for newbies and has a minimum deposit requirement of EUR 500. There is also a Razor account for traders with higher level of experience and skill. The features vary for every account, but some are consistent in all, such as customer support, access to the education center, trading signals, Daily Market Review and loyalty bonus.

  • It has added a plethora of useful trading tools

The purpose of trading tools is to help traders in making smarter and accurate decisions and they can sometimes make the difference between successful and unsuccessful trades. Pepperstone has added a plethora of these tools to its trading platform to help its clients in making the most out of their trades. Trading signals are available to help in choosing the right time to enter or exit a trade. The economic calendar is handy for highlighting events or news that can affect the movement of your assets. Advanced charts also aid in identifying trends and patterns of the price movements and predict future movements.

  • It answers all your queries and concerns

The level and quality of customer support offered by a broker is also worth noting because you don’t want to get stuck without any help. Pepperstone is aware of the importance of assistance in the trading market and has ensured that its customers can get in touch when they need it. There are different channels available, such as live chat, email and also a web-contact form. Apart from that, a whole FAQ section has also been added to provide answers to common questions.

Bottom Line

From the above mentioned features, it is clear that Pepperstone is dedicated to providing traders with everything they need to have a good trading experience. The broker also helps in keeping trading costs low by offering tight spreads and has a complete trading education center where newbies and experienced traders can get information and knowledge to make better decisions. You can have a well-rounded trading experience with this broker and rake in considerable profits without any problems.

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