Polygon NFTs to Soon Be Supported Instagram

Meta is firing on all cylinders as it works to stabilize itself in the crypto sector. The social media giant recently announced that it is working on new NFT features. It would let NFT creators have tools that would let them mint and sell NFTs based on the Polygon chain.

Polygon First

But Meta added that in-app purchases are going to be determined by individual store app charges. The company is going to secure NFT development by leading the way with Instagram. The social media platform will begin to support Polygon NFTs once the necessary features are added.

The expected tool is end-to-end encryption that would let users create and mint their NFTs directly on Instagram. Meta stated in its announcement that a select set of creators in the US already have access to the features. It will roll out to more countries in the coming days.

A number of NFT creators like Amber Vittoria, the artist, and DrifterShoot, the photographer was among those selected for the early test. Another person selected was Ilse Valfre, the visual artist.

In her comment, Amber Vittoria said it gives her such excitement that she was part of Instagram’s NFT push. Instagram and Meta at large are always finding ways to help creatives, she said. They also help their art reach more audiences.

Helping Creators Sell More

The plan is that Instagram will begin by using Polygon’s blockchain to mint. Furthermore, the Instagram app will be able to pull information and necessary NFT data from OpenSea. That would make users see NFT information on their Instagram pages.

Meta added that there is support for Solana’s Phantom wallet equally enabled. Users will, thus, be able to see information about several collections listed on OpenSea. Meta’s means of launching into web3 has been quite slow. The idea behind the latest slow NFT rollout is in tandem with it.

Meta said in May that it was going to roll out a feature to connect wallets to some creators. It would let them display NFTs as their Facebook and Instagram profiles. For now, Facebook and Instagram support NFTs based on Polygon, Flow, and Instagram chains.

Meta has mentioned severally that it believes in web3. It hopes that it can help all NT creators leverage their work and monetize their all content. The company’s Head of Commerce and FinTech, Stephane Kasriel, said Meta’s web3 goal is to help creators make a better living.

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