Popular Artist Now Accepting Cryptocurrency As Payment

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide continues to be high, as digital assets continue to be a popular financial tool. Many businesses and retailers have also played their part in this growing adoption. They have adopted the cryptocurrencies into their system either as a payment tool or a utility tool. However, many analysts believe that the world will continue to see this trend, at least for now. In a new report, Damien Steven Hirst, a world-renowned artist, is now the latest to influence cryptocurrency adoption. The famous Artist has announced that in the future, his clients can now pay for his work with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency is the Artist’s, second love

Damien Steven Hirst, popularly called Damien Hirst, is the latest individual to fall in love with the idea of accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, as the Artist believes crypto is the future. The famous British painter credited with several artworks and paintings took to his official Instagram account to reveal the news to his followers. The Artist also took to social media, Twitter, to express his love for cryptocurrency, as he informed his followers that apart from art, which he is popularly known for, cryptocurrency is his second love and interest.

The British Artist further confirmed that the new eight projects he just completed, which are up for sale, are not crypto-related, and they are up for sale till 3rd March 2021. However, the public and those interested can now pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum for the new work, which costs $3,000 each. Despite expressing his love for cryptocurrency, the Artist did not confirm whether he would consider creating NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) in the future.

Damien Hirst did not express future interest in NFTs

For the uninitiated, NFTs are crypto-related artworks that are secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. The market is a relatively small and unpopular one yet, but the digital artists have continued to amass wealth via these works’ sale. Famous digital Artists like Beeple, Grimes, and Co. have continued to lead the market in sales of their work, generating a few million in dollars.

The contribution of the few digital artists who are leading the push for the market has resulted in a growth of more than 200% for the market. Damien Hirst did not discuss whether he will venture into the growing NFT space, but the creativity and the experience of the renowned Artist will further boost the $250 million market. However, the Artist has seemingly lead the adoption of cryptocurrency in his space, as many analysts will now hope that several artists follow the painter’s lead.

Despite the hurdles facing the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to lead the space, as the adoption of both digital assets is still on the rise. A slump in both cryptocurrencies’ fortune is not expected to slow down their adoption, as analysts predict that a correction in fortune is almost here.

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