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You Can Now Purchase Cryptocurrencies From Your Qiwi Wallet

Through our series, we’ve been teaching you how to buy cryptocurrency assets from the e-Wallet services that you already use, giving you the ins and outs that will help you simplify the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. And so far, we’ve been delivering value.

On our blog, we’ve created in-depth articles that guide you through purchasing cryptocurrencies through various e-Wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. If you check up on those articles, you will find out all the necessary info you need to start trading crypto from your fingertips as we addressed questions such as the cryptocurrencies that can currently be purchased via the e-Wallets we mentioned, the average time required for the completion of a transaction, the necessary charges for buying cryptocurrency through any of the e-Wallets we said, and the requirements for purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your e-Wallet balances.

Yet again, we’re dropping another spectacular value bomb that will not only inform you on the best ways to purchase cryptocurrency stakes from your payment wallets but will teach you how to do that with as little stress and risk as possible.

How Exactly Can I Purchase Cryptocurrency From My Qiwi Wallet?

In this article, we will be looking at Qiwi, a lesser-known payment service provider that is nonetheless pulling much weight in the world of e-payments. Based in Europe, Qiwi operates mainly in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, where it enables its users to make payments for various categories of purchases. To be precise, Qiwi holds a more prominent place in Russia and other surrounding nations, far much more than many of the popular payment service companies and over time, Qiwi has transitioned into a prime choice for Russian and Ukrainian consumers.

So, how does that relate to the world of cryptocurrency? It does, in the sense that you can now purchase bitcoin and a whole bunch of cryptocurrencies with the money you have in your Qiwi wallet.

But unlike Skrill and Neteller, Qiwi seems to be quite conservative with the idea of cryptocurrencies and still has not introduced facilities for buying and selling cryptocurrencies into its platform. Still, they’re not all out against cryptocurrencies as they haven’t been known to either penalize users who purchased cryptocurrency from their Qiwi wallets. It seems they couldn’t care less.

The way of getting around the lack of crypto exchange services by Qiwi has been provided by a bunch of private exchange services which have taken it upon themselves to make it possible for Qiwi users to buy crypto at meager prices.

The basic concept of buying cryptocurrency as it relates to the private exchange services which include Qiwi as a payment option is quite simple:

You head over to their website, and at the exchange page, you indicate the currency you’re buying with and the cryptocurrency you intend to buy.

After you’ve indicated the currency you’re buying with, you select either the amount you want to exchange for crypto or the amount of the cryptocurrency you want to buy. If you choose the latter, the exchange calculator will automatically show you the amount you need to pay, plus the fees.

Once you’re okay with everything, you can proceed to authenticate and complete the transaction as a standard transaction.

Regarding the transaction charges that are required to make a crypto purchase via Qiwi, we discovered that although Qiwi doesn’t charge anything extra to buy crypto, the exchange service providers don’t live on fresh air and as a result, they require you to pay a commission on every transaction you process through their platform. One particular popular payment provider requires a commission of just 1.95% of the transaction value and a fixed fee of $0.53 on every successful purchase you make through them. This is quite considerate and far less-priced than the exchange services offered by independent payment services providers.

What Are The Requirements For Trading Cryptocurrency With My Qiwi Funds?

Given that Qiwi doesn’t take the rules harder than they should really be, all that you require to start paying for cryptocurrency transactions fro your Qiwi wallet is an account. In fact, Qiwi allows a bit of freedom to its users and permits even unverified accounts the ability to purchase crypto from their balance. But still, the wise thing to do would be to make sure your Qiwi account is verified to acceptable standards before you start using it to trade crypto. That way, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary attention from Qiwi’s security team should the need come up.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Cryptocurrency I’ve Purchased With My Qiwi Balance?

Now, a very serious question that you’re probably asking in your mind is this: “how long will it take for my wallet to be credited with the cryptocurrency I’ve bought, and what should I do if it’s not delivered?” Not to worry; we also got that covered.

Unlike the case of Neteller and Skrill, where the crypto exchange service was undertaken by the payment providers themselves, Qiwi is a bit of a hassle that involves transacting with third-party exchanges. That said, you could expect your cryptocurrency to pop in after about 20 minutes of completing the transaction. And apparently, this is has been pretty easy and acceptable for users since we haven’t come across any Qiwi customers complaining about the status quo.

With the information we have provided here, we’re confident that you are pumped and ready to get out there and start trading crypto right from your Qiwi wallet. Well,… make it happen!

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