Royal Coins Review: Cryptocurrency Investment Made Easy With Exchange Review

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most talked-about investment commodity nowadays. Bitcoin reached new heights in 2017 and changed the fortunes of many investors overnight. From then on, cryptocurrency has become immensely popular as it piqued the interest of many other people who had not put their money in this virtual currency due to lack of regulation. Bitcoin was the pioneer cryptocurrency, which was launched in 2009. Today, it is not the only one that exists in the market as a number of others have been introduced and have gained a lot of traction. Nevertheless, Bitcoin still remains on top and is closely followed by Ethereum.

These cryptocurrencies have a high market value and are dominating the market considerably. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that a large number of traders wish to capitalize on this popularity by buying and selling Bitcoin and/or Ethereum. For this purpose, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms have been developed. However, you have to be mindful when looking for one because scams are also widespread in this market. If you are looking for a reliable way to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Royal-Coins is the way to go.

This financial service specializes in enabling traders in different parts of the world to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in a safe and secure manner. AlephLink Solutions Ltd. is the company behind this rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange platform. The company is based in Estonia and is properly licensed and regulated. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it being a scam as it is under the supervision of the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. This is a major reassurance for people who have heard about unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges and find it difficult to trust a platform.

With Royal-Coins, traders can easily buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum at some of the best rates in the market, which allows them to make solid returns. This cryptocurrency exchange platform has ensured that its customers are able to take full advantage of block-chain based payments as they have a lot of benefits associated with them. They are quick, cost-efficient, and secure and also offer a great deal of privacy. You can get all of these when you use Royal-Coins for buying or selling Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One of the best things about Royal-Coins is that they have made it incredibly easy for anyone and everyone to buy and sell cryptocurrency through their platform. Their entire team is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who signs up on their exchange can have a smooth experience and can also become a part of the blockchain revolution. Currently, they are only offering Bitcoin and Ethereum to their customers, but may add others onto the exchange in the future. You can buy and sell both of these digital currencies at some of the best rates in the market, which enables you to earn great profits through your investment. But, in order to make it happen, you first need to create an account.

Before making an account

Instead of signing up right away, you should first go through the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy on the Royal-Coins website. In this way, you will know exactly what you are getting into. Plus, the privacy policy can also assuage any concerns that you may have regarding the use of the information you will share with the platform for trading purposes. Only if you are in agreement with their policy should you proceed to the next step i.e. making an account on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Making an account on Royal-Coins

As mentioned above, this cryptocurrency exchange is very easy to use. This means that you will have absolutely no problem in signing up on the platform. It is necessary to make an account before you can start trading because you have to add funds for buying and selling cryptocurrency. The good news is that you can register for free and there are no service charges involved for creating an account. You have to provide some basic information like your name and contact details for making an account with Royal-Coins.

It is essential to bear in mind that for the security and peace of mind of their clientele and to be fully compliant with all regulations, Royal-Coins has implemented the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. The purpose of these policies is to create a safe environment for customers to be able to trade their favorite cryptocurrencies. Under these policies, anyone who signs up on Royal-Coins needs to verify their account before they can buy or sell cryptocurrency.

Put simply, you need to submit some documentation to confirm your identity and your residential address. Scanned copies of any government-issued ID, like your driver’s license, passport or national ID card, and a document showing your name and address, like utility bill or bank statement, have to be provided. If you plan on using your credit card for making and receiving payments, you will have to provide a scanned copy of that too. In this way, Royal-Coins is able to keep out hackers and other cyber-criminals. If there is any change in your information, it is best to update the exchange right away to avoid problems.


One of the top reasons why Royal-Coins has become quite renowned in the industry is the fact that it offers some of the best rates for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the market. The rate they provide is basically an average rate of the miners and exchanges associated with Royal-Coins. In this way, it is able to offer the most competitive rates in the market. To check the existing rates, all you have to do is visit their website and you will easily find the rates mentioned on the homepage. Nevertheless, these rates do fluctuate on a regular basis and the final rate you receive will be determined after the order is received and payment is made.

Making Payments

Security is extremely important for Royal-Coins and they want to provide their clientele with a smooth and stress-free environment for buying and sell cryptocurrency. Consequently, they have chosen to provide limited methods of making deposits and withdrawals via their platform. They have the traditional option of bank wire transfer, which offers considerable security. Credit cards are also supported on the platform for those who prefer to make quick transactions and don’t mind the fee. Both Visa and MasterCard can be used with Royal-Coins, without any hassle.

After the Order

Once you have placed an order for the cryptocurrency of your choice, you should remember that it can only be cancelled if you have not yet paid for it. If the payment has been processed, you cannot cancel your order as all cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. This is also applicable if you are selling your cryptocurrency. Moreover, it takes about 5 days for your cryptocurrency to reflect in your Royal-Coins account. Since they are blockchain transactions, they have to be confirmed and there are some other legalities that have to be met. It should also be noted that an exchange fee of 13.5% is applicable, which also includes VAT. This is quite reasonable, as compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Queries and Concerns

During the course of trading, if you have any questions you need answered, Royal-Coins has created an FAQ section for you. Here, you will find answers to any possible questions that you may have regarding how the platform works and its services. It is better to check out the FAQ section first before you make an attempt to use get in touch with their customer support department.

In the event that you are unable to find your answer, you can reach out to their customer care for resolving your queries and concerns. Royal-Coins is very efficient in this regard and have offered their customers multiple option to get in touch as their aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. There is the option of sending them an email. The contact address is provided on the website and you can send a quick email to their customer care. You will receive a response within 24 hours and it is a good option to use if your query is not urgent. The answer will be detailed and not vague at all.

But, if your concern is urgent, you do have other options to explore. You can reach out to them via phone. Two numbers are provided on the website, one for the United Kingdom and one for Switzerland. You can use any numbers as per your preference and get immediate help.


Available in English for the convenience of its worldwide clients, Royal-Coins is a comprehensive and all-in-one option for anyone who wishes to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum in the market at the most reasonable and profitable rates. The cryptocurrency exchange allows its customers to conduct their transactions in a safe environment and is ready to assist them in every step of the way to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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