STR Capital Review: STR Capital Crypto CFD Broker – What Makes It a Good Option

STR Capital Review

STR CapitalAre you in search of the right broker to begin your trading career? There are enough broker options available today to confuse you. However, if you know what aspects to see in a broker, it should not be difficult for you to pick one out of the bunch. Today, you will learn about STR Capital and why it has been considered one of the best options by many traders from all corners of the world. You will get a basic introduction of the broker, what it does, and what features make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s get into this detailed STR Capital review.

Introduction of STR Capital

STR Capital is an online broker that provides you a trading platform to trade CFD. CFD trading is one of the best type of trading wherein you can take advantage of huge leverages and profit from long and short positions. The asset you are trading does not have to be move in the upward direction for you to benefit from it. Instead, you can benefit from the declining price of the asset as well when you trade CFDs. The contacts for difference make it easy for you to trade thousands of assets from the same trading platform. Not to mention, you can open several options all at once, making it one of the best forms of trading in the world today.

STR Capital provides you with all the necessary tools and platform that you need in order to enter the financial markets. The company might not be the oldest in the industry but it has definitely beaten many of the oldest brokers in its level of service. Today, its platform is being used in many countries of the world by new and experienced traders.

STR Capital Has the Best Asset Index

It won’t be wrong to say that STR Capital has the best asset index when you compare it to the asset indices of other similar brokers on the internet. In fact, it excels in this department against some of the oldest brokers. You have a lot of flexibility of trading when you are with STR Capital. The first thing you will notice once you sign up is that you have thousands of assets to choose from. While most of the brokers have only five asset classes for you to choose your assets from, STR Capital offers you the opportunity to invest your money in six asset classes. You can invest your money in commodities wherein you will get a chance to trade not only soft commodities like corn and cocoa but energies and precious metals as well.

The broker does not disappoint you when it comes to forex currencies. You are not limited to trading only the most common currency pairs of the world. Yes, the famous currency pairs are known for their stability, but you are not in a position to make a lot of money from them because of completely absent volatility. On the other hand, you have some rare currency pairs with a lot of volatility. They might pose more risk but they also open a door for you to make a lot of money if you are profitable.

The thing that most traders admire about the STR Capital asset index is the presence of cannabis stocks. Almost all the online brokers will offer you hundreds of stocks to invest your money in. You get the same stocks from STR Capital as well. These are the stocks of some of the biggest and most famous companies of the world including but not limited to Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. However, modern traders are looking for even more options and they can’t find anything new in these old and traditional stocks.

The answer to these traders from STR Capital is in the form of cannabis stocks. These are the stocks of the companies that make cannabis based products. You have to remember here that the CBD component of the cannabis has been legalized in most states of the US. It has many health benefits and thus its use is increasing with time. These companies are going up in value quite fast today. Investing in this market can be a huge investment for those who have never invested their money in stocks before. Of course, you need to get some education about cannabis companies before you invest your money in them.

Another amazing addition to the asset index from the broker was in the form of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is still in its initial stages. It will take some time before it becomes completely stable and things are clear for every trader and investor. Due to some ambiguities and high risks, most of the brokers stay away from offering a chance to their traders to invest in digital coins. You will not have to stay away from this market when you are with STR Capital. On STR Capital trading platform, you can trade bitcoin. You can go long and short on these trades and also take advantage of some leverage. This leverage might not be the biggest but can still amplify your profits to a great degree.

STR Capital is making things even better for the modern traders. Just recently, the company has introduced the option of the crypto wallet. Now, you can transfer your money from the crypto wallet directly into your trading account with the broker.

STR Capital Is Very Safe and Secure

Security is a crucial matter for this broker whether you talk about your information or the money you deposit in your account. In addition to that, the broker has vowed to make its platform safe for every trader that joins it. First thing you will notice when you are signing up is the identification process. You have to provide significant identification information while signing up. This is to ensure that only you are signing up on the platform with your information. At the same time, the anti-money laundering policies also prevent the platform from being used for money laundering.

As soon as you provide your information on the website, it gets encrypted. Encrypting the information is extremely important because the information you provide on the website includes your personal details, banking info, and much more. When it comes to your money, you will be glad to know that the broker has vowed to put your money in an account that does not have the company’s funds in it. With many other brokers, your money goes in the same account where the company has its capital. The two funds get mixed up and you are the one who has to face all sorts of problems later on.

Trading Is a Breeze with STR Capital

A broker has to facilitate its traders in many different ways. You will not be disappointed with the way this broker facilitates you in your trading career. First up, you will not have to make a huge deposit in your account to activate it. The basic accounts can be opened with a very small deposit in the account. Secondly, you are not deprived of important features and tools just because your account is a basic one. Most of the important features are common among the basic and the advanced account types. Secondly, you don’t have to pay any commissions on your trades.

All you have to know is the spread before you invest your money in a particular asset. The basic account includes fixed spreads whereas you can take advantage floating spreads if you go with the advanced account. The leverage is there for you no matter which type of account you pick. With a basic account, you will get 1:100 leverage whereas the leverage is bigger with advanced accounts at 1:200. This means you can control big trades, make huge profits, and achieve your financial goals with ease once you have signed up with STR Capital.

Customer Support Is Professional

When in need of help, you can send an email to the company. In most cases, you will get a reply to your message in 24 hours. The important thing to know here is that you have the support department available to answer your queries 24/5. Now, if you are looking to get some help instantly, you will have to call the company. There are two numbers on the website and you can use the one according to your country to get in touch. You can also use the ticket form on the website to send in your questions.

Bottom Line

STR Capital gives you everything that you expect from a CFD online broker. It gives you access to a comprehensively equipped trading platform. It lets you take advantage of the trading signals so you can reduce you risks. The trading conditions are great and the non-commission model is perfect for the new traders with a budget. Leverages are big and the training is quite comprehensive too. STR Capital is the perfect place for you to enter as a new trader and come out as a seasoned and experienced one. With trader friendly conditions, it is much easier to be a millionaire too.

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