Is StsRoyal the Right Platform to Start Your Crypto Investing Career

StsRoyal Review

The rising popularity of the cryptocurrencies and their acceptance in the big economies of the world have made people interested in investing them. Digital currency was only a concept just a few years ago. Satoshi Nakamoto turned it into a reality when this unknown entity came up with bitcoin. One must not forget that bitcoin is a vehicle that runs on blockchain. Even if you put an end to the cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology is here and it is here to rule the future. Not to mention, cryptocurrencies have started to become a part of the world economy as well.

It is only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions become the prevalent system in the world. The best time to invest in cryptocurrencies is now because as this industry becomes stronger, digital coins will become more valuable. To invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to be on the right platform with the right broker. This is where StsRoyal comes into the picture. StsRoyal has emerged as the best online trading platform for crypto investors and traders. Is it the right place for you to start your trading career in the cryptocurrency world? Let’s find out.

Why StsRoyal for New Crypto Traders

Trade What You Like

As a trader, it is important for you to have a lot of options for trading. You don’t want to be limited with your options because it makes trading risky. It is like putting all your eggs in the same basket when you trade only a few digital assets. A common problem with most of the online brokers is that they are limited to bitcoin trading. When you join their trading platform, you usually have only the biggest cryptocurrencies available for trading. What if you want to diversify your portfolio by investing in altcoins? At least, you should have the options available for the times when you want to explore new assets.

When you are with StsRoyal, you have huge number of cryptocurrencies available for trading. In fact, you also have the ICOs and crypto tokens available for trading on this platform. You can invest in the project that you think is going to be successful in the future. With hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens in one place available for trading, you can diversify your portfolio of trading the way you want. The best thing is that you will have a diversified portfolio while being within the cryptocurrency market. You don’t necessarily have to explore other financial markets for the diversification of your investment portfolio.

If you like the high value of bitcoin, you can trade that on the StsRoyal platform. You also have Ethereum available for trading, which happens to be the strongest cryptocurrency when it comes to the scope in future. Other cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the StsRoyal trading platform include but are not limited to bitcoin cash, Litecoin, ripple, etc. So, once you are on this trading platform, you can give your portfolio the shape you like. With how StsRoyal likes to operate as a broker, you will only see the options increase with the passage of time as new cryptocurrencies continue to emerge.

When you are a new trader, diversification might not be a very important concept for you. This is something that matters the most to those who have been in trading for many years and have established themselves as successful and professional traders. However, having a lot of options means that you can invest in a currency that you can afford. Bitcoin is valued very high and so your risks are quite high when you invest int his currency. On the other hand, there are some cryptocurrencies that you can invest in even if you are on a budget.

Affordable Trading

Another thing that you will love about trading with StsRoyal is that you don’t incur unnecessary costs as a trader. There are many brokers who have dozens of ways to make you pay for things you don’t even know about. You want to deposit some money in your account, you will have to pay a commission. You want to withdraw something from your online account, you will have to pay a huge percentage of your withdrawal. In fact, you will even have to pay the commission when you are entering the trade. Most importantly, this commission is a huge percentage of the volume you are trading.

The only word you have to familiarize yourself with when you are with StsRoyal is “spreads”. Yes, this is how StsRoyal is going to charge you the fees for its services. You will not have to pay any hidden charges or commissions that don’t make any sense to you. When you enter a trade, you will incur the fees in the shape of the difference of selling and buying prices. Even then, you will be pleased to know that this broker has got some of the tightest spreads in the industry. At the end of the day, you take home most part of the profit that you make on your trades. You don’t have to pay any commissions on the deposits you make into your account.

Yes, there are commissions to be paid when you withdraw money from your account. However, you cannot blame the broker for these commissions because they are associated with the use of blockchain transactions. The broker is not going to charge you any commissions on its own. This is what makes cryptocurrency trading affordable for you.

Trade with the Peace of Mind

One of the biggest issues that traders have in the cryptocurrency world is of lack of knowledge. You want to invest your money in cryptocurrencies but you are not aware of the many frauds and scams that are lurking around. You provide your information on some cryptocurrency exchange and the next thing you know some hacker has hacked the exchange. Now, your personal information is gone and someone might be using it on some other broker’s website to sign up. They will even use your credit card information and commit identity theft. On the other hand, when you are on StsRoyal, you have the strictest SSL security in place.

All the information you provide on the website is encrypted to the highest security standards so no unauthorized parties can access it. Furthermore, there is some serious verification from this broker when you sign up on the website. The verification process requires you to submit some personal identification information that has to be authentic. This is to ensure that no one else signs up on the website and opens an account in your name. Furthermore, no one can use your credit card or banking information on the website when such strict security measures are in place at the time of signup.

As a new trader, you will be happy that you are signing up on a platform where you can have the peace of mind while trading. You have to know that the company you are signing up with is a real company with its contact details available to you for contacting. It is not some company that provides you with a gmail or Hotmail email address to contact its customer support.

Reasonable Margins and Leverages

The one thing you are going to love about trading cryptocurrencies with StsRoyal is the leverage and margin information. So, when you trade with an online broker, you can trade with leverage. Leverage allows you to get some contribution from the broker so you can increase the size of your investment. With increased size of investment, you can earn big profits on your trades. However, if the leverages are too big, you are taking a risk that you might not be able to afford. If the leverage is too small, the benefits are not attractive enough for you to take even a small risk.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind the margin information when trading. Margin requirement tells you how much money you must have in your account in order to enter a particular trade. When you are with StsRoyal, you have a leverage of 1:5 available for trading. This points to a very small margin requirement as well. The leverage is not the biggest but it is a perfect balance for new traders when you talk about their profits and losses. At the same time, small margin requirements ensure that new traders with very small deposits in their accounts are able to trade as well.


When you look at the features provided by StsRoyal to its traders, you can tell that new traders are going to love being with this broker. It gives them access to a huge cryptocurrency market with endless possibilities of investing their money. It allows them a big leverage so they can earn big profits on their trades. It operates with the tightest spreads and does not charge any commissions that would make trading difficult for new traders. If you are a new trader and the cryptocurrency market interests you, StsRoyal is one of the best places for you to start your trading career.

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