Terra Followers Get Ready, a Huge Upset May Soon Take Place


It’s been more than a month since the Terra network crashed. Despite the cryptocurrency going downhill, its supporters were able to back it up and keep the network alive.

They did this with hopes that the network would soon make a comeback and rise up to its old potential. Despite the efforts, the network hasn’t been able to live up to its all standards.

There are too many complexities, ambiguities, and concerns surrounding the Terra network that are raising red flags about the Terra network.

The South Korean Input

Although several claims are being made by the TerraForm Labs’ CEO, Do Kwon about the future of the Terra network, South Korea deals with the matter in a different manner.

After the crash, multiple complaints and lawsuits were filed by the South Korean Terra investors. These lawsuits were filed against Do Kwon and the TerraForm Labs. Since then, the law enforcement authorities in South Korea are actively investigating the matter.

They are not leaving any stone unturned and so far, their findings have proven to be very vital to the case. The authorities revealed that TerraForm had already shut down its headquarters and other offices in South Korea. The announcement for the closure of the facilities was made by Do Kwon by the end of April 2022.

The law enforcement authorities even investigated multiple companies linked with TerraForm Labs. Their investigation network even spread out among the employees at the TerraForm Labs.

The recent development in the matter was that the South Korean authorities issued a notice that none of the TerraForm Labs’ executives could leave the country. This was a possible indication that the South Korean authorities had discovered something strong allowing them to issue such an order.

An Anonymous Hacktivist Speaks Up

If the South Korean authorities weren’t accurate enough, another entity has come to light vowing to reveal the true identity of Do Kown to the entire world.

The anonymous personality is part of a hacktivist group that has pledged that true justice will be served to Do Kwon for his wrongdoings. The hacktivist has revealed that he will be sharing the true purpose of the collapse of the entire Terra network from back in May.

The particular group even made several allegations against Do Kwon and the wrongful things he has been doing. The group took the liberty of uploading a video from an anonymous source revealing how Do Kwon kept cashing out $80 million per month through TerraUSD and LUNA prior to the crash.

If what the group claims turns out to be true, then the Terra network will end up losing its only lifeline. Therefore, the investors must remain cautious if they are planning to interact or invest in Terra network tokens.

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