TheWallet.Cloud Is an Emerging Online Broker – But How Good Is It?

TheWallet.Cloud Crypto Broker Review

With more and more people finding interest in trading assets from around the world, online brokers are increasing steadily as well. An industry that was rarely found on the internet more than a decade ago is one of the fastest rising industries today. People have realized that trading online has the potential to make them rich and earn an extra income. Moreover, it is one of the best ways for them to make use of the money they have saved. Among the best emerging online brokers, you will often find TheWallet.Cloud. This broker is known as the trader-focused broker with high-tech trading platform and flexible trading conditions.

Let’s find out in this TheWallet.Cloud review how good this broker is.

Knowing TheWallet.Cloud

Before getting into the many features, you have to know the broker. It is imperative for traders to know the basics of online brokerage and trading in financial markets. The first thing that needs to be understood by any trader is that TheWallet.Cloud provides a trading platform for trading CFDs. You can trade the contracts of all the assets that you see on the platform without taking ownership. What that means is that you don’t necessarily have to have an asset in order to sell it. You can enter trades without selling or purchasing the real and physical asset.

The initial impression of TheWallet.Cloud is a broker that focuses on introducing features to facilitate trading for traders. It might seem obvious for a broker to introduce features for traders, but that’s not the case when you look at the many online brokers. It is clear from the features of some brokers that their sole focus is making money off of the trades of their traders. On the other hand, you can look at the features offered by TheWallet.Cloud and say for sure that it wants its traders to benefit the most. As you read this review further, you will find out about all of those amazing features one by one.

TheWallet.Cloud Takes Security Seriously

It might surprise you to know that some online brokers are not that serious with the security of their traders. You can browse their websites but you will not find anything about how they secure the funds of the traders, and their information. In the online world, your information is just as important as your money. In fact, your personal information is more important than your money in most cases. For example, when someone uses your money without permission, they only use the money. On the other hand, when someone uses your personal information, they can do anything while pretending to be you. Imagine the consequences of that.

TheWallet.Cloud has paid the needed attention to the security of its traders’ information. You will find out as you read the website content that this broker has 256-bit encryption standards in place to protect the information of the traders. Even the website of the broker has the latest SSL certificates installed only to ensure that every piece of information that you provide on the website is protected. The next important thing is the money that you wish to use on the broker’s website to enter trades. How can something go wrong with your money? There are many ways something wrong can happen with your money but here’s only one.

One of the worst things that can happen to your money is it getting mixed with the money of the broker. This mishap takes place when the broker is putting its own money as well as the money from the traders in the same account. In simple words, the company might just use your money for its own projects, developments, and other things. On the contrary, a broker that cares about you will maintain separate accounts for your money. Since TheWallet.Cloud understands these nuances, it maintains the money you put in your online account in separate accounts.

The Overall Trading Experience Is Laudable

There are many different factors that you have to look at in order to decide how good or bad the trading experience is with a broker. You first have to look the spreads and commissions that are being charged by the broker. These are two of the most common methods that brokers use to earn money. Of course, a broker cannot operate without earning money. However, you distinguish a good broker from a bad one based on how much money the broker charges you for the service. When the spreads are wide, it means you will pay a lot of money every time you enter a trade. What you want to look for is tight spreads.

Tight spreads tell you that the broker is willing to let you make the most of your trades. The competitive spreads from TheWallet.Cloud make its platform one of the easiest for traders from around the world. They know that they will make ample profits on the trades they enter rather than losing a lot of money in covering the spreads and commissions. However, entering big trades and making huge profits are things only possible when you have big deposits in your accounts. Can you have huge deposits in your account when you are only a new trader? Of course, that’s where the leverage comes in.

TheWallet.Cloud gives you leverage on your trades based on the account type you pick. Leverage is a way for TheWallet.Cloud to amplify the amount of money you have when entering a trade and increasing your profits many times. With small deposits, you cannot think about controlling big trades. Any stocks and commodities with high values can only be traded when you have a lot of money in your account. The best thing is that there is ample leverage from TheWallet.Cloud to trade any asset you want. But what type of assets can you trade when you are on the TheWallet.Cloud trading platform?

This is yet another area of trading where TheWallet.Cloud successfully gives its traders the best experience. You can trade a variety of assets that are from many different classes. You can even trade in the new markets such as cryptocurrencies. What is admirable here is that within such small time the broker has been able to have lots of cryptocurrencies on its platform already. In addition to the big crypto coins such as ethereum and bitcoin, you can use the TheWallet.Cloud trading platform for trading the CFDs of Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and many others. That’s good news for new traders who have been looking for ways to benefit from the emerging cryptocurrency market.

You can trade soft commodities like wheat, corn, cocoa, sugar, etc. Within the same asset class, you have precious metals include too e.g. silver, platinum, palladium, copper, gold, etc. There is a huge list of stocks that can be trade with TheWallet.Cloud. These stocks are from some of the biggest and most well-known companies of the world including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. This is good news for experienced traders as they have every opportunity to diversify their portfolios and minimize the risks of trading.

The Transferring of Money between Accounts Is a Breeze

As an active trader, you will be depositing into and withdrawing funds from your account on a regular basis. When you enter successful trades and make profits, you would want to have those profits transferred to your personal account as soon as possible. That’s where you have to see how easy your broker has made the transferring of money. For the first transfer of money within a month from your online account to the personal bank account, you will not be paying any type of commission. It makes sense because you would want some profits to accumulate before withdrawing them to your account.

There are certain fees and commissions associated with fund transfers when you do them for the second time within the same month. You can see the website to find out about the commission and fee sizes. You should not face any troubles when it comes to using a method of funds transfer that you have always preferred. Whether you want to use an online method or direct bank transfer, you have those options available. You can also use MasterCard and Visa credit cards to transfer the funds in your account quickly. Do make sure that you read the anti-money laundering policies when it comes to sending or receiving funds from your account.

Trading Platform Is Free of Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues are a serious concern when you talk about a trading platform. It is understood that a broker targets its traders in several countries. In these countries, people like to use internet using different types of devices. While Americans have a lot of iPhones, in other parts of the world, it is the Android phones that are most popular. In addition to that, you have different people using different sizes of devices. Smartphones have increased at an immense rate in the world. However, you can’t say that they have completely dethroned the desktop computers.

There are still millions of brokers in the world who like to use their computers for trading. Now, it is the job of the broker to have a platform that meets the requirements of all these traders. Focusing only on one group is unwise. Yes, taking over compatibility issues is a huge challenge for brokers when they target their traders with different devices. That’s not a problem when you are with TheWallet.Cloud. This broker has taken care of all these things already. The trading platform from TheWallet.Cloud is compatible with desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You can use it on Windows computers, and Android and iOS smartphones too.

Account Types Cover a Variety of Traders

When you go on a variety of broker websites, you will notice that it is not easy to join some of the brokers. The reason is that they have some rigid and difficult requirements set for their traders. One of the biggest challenges for the new traders is to come up with the money that’s required to put the minimum amount that activates their account. You will not face such problems when you choose TheWallet.Cloud as your next broker. There are six different accounts types: basic, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and million-er. The basic and silver accounts are perfect for anyone joining a broker for the first time.

The best thing is that you don’t feel as though you are being denied the best options when you sign up with a basic account. You still have access to trading alerts, education, and the loyalty bonus. The loyalty bonus is only 10% for the basic account but it is something that you don’t even get from other brokers. The daily market review option is another thing that’s included in every account type. If you want to earn 100% loyalty points, you can go with the Million-er account.

Customer Support Is Trust-able

Customer support is available for all the traders irrespective of their account types 24/5. You can choose the way you want to talk to the company agents. If you want to discuss something urgently, you have the online chat feature as well as three different phone numbers. If you don’t need any urgent help, you can use the email address or the contact us form on the website to dispatch your queries. Even with the email option, you will get a response from the company about your concern within 24 hours if you have sent the email during working days.

Final Words

If you had come across TheWallet.Cloud and you wanted to know more about this broker, this review must have helped you. It is clear from how the broker has designed the features that it is not greedy to make its profits and commissions from the traders. It gives equal opportunities to its traders from around the world to have successful trading careers. From an easy account opening procedure to friendly trading conditions, everything is just perfect for new traders to join TheWallet.Cloud.

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