Turkey President Plans To Launch e-Human Project Based On Blockchain

The Turkish government recently made an official statement revealing more data about its upcoming e-Human project. The e-Human project would be built on blockchain technology and help the government to carry out its services digitally to citizens.

President Erdogan Said e-Human Would Run On Blockchain Tech

According to the reports, Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, made the statement before the next blockchain summit in the country. He stated that the e-Human project would be decentralized to secure all the data, services, and products used. 

Furthermore, it would be the government’s digital service point via which they can disseminate data concerning their administration. In addition, e-Human would enable citizens, both graduates, and undergraduates, to gain jobs and internships in public and private firms.

Also, citizens can access public training opportunities, occasions, educational materials, and Turkey career fairs on the project’s portal. Additionally, the government aimed to support its citizens’ development and create more employment opportunities via the scheme. 

Meanwhile, TOGG, the country’s car firm, previously partnered with Ava labs, the Avalanche network developers. The two partners aimed to create fast and secured mobility services using the network’s smart contracts.

Blockchain Gains Rapid Adoption In Turkey Despite Opposition

According to reports, Turkey was once a friendly environment for crypto initiatives and start-ups. However, things turned around when Tayyip Erdogan became the country’s president. 

He reportedly waged war against crypto-related operations and banned citizens from paying for local products with crypto last year. However, despite his hostile stance against crypto, his administration continues to explore different sectors of blockchain tech. It continues to build numerous blockchain-based projects.

A while ago, Turkey revealed its plan to build a National blockchain facility, but no update on the project yet. They reportedly delayed the plan because of the covid-19 pandemic, which started shortly after the program’s announcement.

Furthermore, the citizens of Turkey seemingly ignored the Presidency’s harsh stance on crypto as the country’s participation in crypto skyrockets. Also, crypto enthusiasts hosted many crypto-related events in the country recently, like the Blockchain Economy held in Istanbul. 

Additionally, the local Ethereum community in the country vies to win the petition to host the next DeVCon in Istanbul. Analysis from a crypto analytic firm revealed that Turkey has a rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. Also, it stated that the country occupies the 20th position on the list of countries with high crypto adoption rates.

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