Twitter Users Can Now Sell Tweet As NFTs At Valuable

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to thrive in the cryptocurrency space, despite their relatively low popularity. The unique digital works of art that come in different forms have recently started to amass its creators and owners up to millions of dollars. However, the latest update to come from the space is that Twitter users can now convert their personalized tweets into NFTs and trade them for cryptocurrencies or funds on a platform called Valuables. The latest update was made known by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, who has recently put up his tweet for sale on the platform and is at a bid of $2.5 million at the time of writing.

Binance CEO has sold his viral tweet on Valuables

In Jack’s explanation, one would need to create an NFT representing the customed tweet on the platform and will now be subject to bids on the Valuables platform. The platform has been not only been used by Jack alone, as several other Twitter users have also been using it to convert their viral tweets to NFTs, and auctioning them off. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, had also made about $120,000 off one of his tweets, which was first sold as NFT for $6,600 before being re-sold again.

However, Jack Dorsey’s explanations show that the services being offered by Valuables are one that everyone should take advantage of. The famous Bitcoin advocate also explained that since NFT represents authenticated ownership, it will be hard for anyone to want to take up your work without your permission. Hence, it would be best if you auctioned them on Valuables.

How to sell on Valuables

The nature of NFTs means that the uniques piece of work should fully represent ownership, hence why Valuables encourage owners of tweets to transfer the ownership to others by converting their tweets into digital tokens and auctioning them off. However, selling or auctioning your tweet is not an automated process on Valuable, despite its seamless process. Users will be expected to register on Valuables with their MetaMask log-in details, synchronize their Twitter accounts with the website, upload their tweets and convert it to NFTs.

Users who do not have a MetaMask wallet will be tasked with creating one to earn their cryptocurrency. MetaMask wallets are so easy to set up, as they mostly come with default internet browsers. However, many fake wallets’ uprising has forced many crypto websites to require users to create a verified MetaMask wallet. Once your profile is set up on the Valuables website, and your NFT is ready for auction, you can put it up for sale.

The NFT you just created will now be the subject of several bids, and one can choose to accept any bids for it, depends on the amount it is. Once an individual pays for your NFT, payment will reflect on your MetaMask wallet. Funds in your MetaMask wallet can either be in cryptocurrencies or converted to fiat currencies, depending on the user.

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