VeVe Teams Up With MGM Studios To Roll Out James Bond NFTs

The approaching film of James Bond “No-Time-to-Die” will be the initial series having connected NFTs backed by MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios) and EON Productions. The couple has collaborated with VeVe (an NFT platform) to launch the virtual collectibles. For the first time, these NFTs are releasing such collectibles regarding the James-Bond franchise.

VeVe’s NFT contracts

VeVe has inked various contracts in association with prominent pop-culture projects, including Marvel Comics, Universal Pictures, and DC. The deal with Universal Pictures permitted VeVe to launch the NFTs of Back-II-The-Future, in addition to the Ghostbusters collectibles. The forthcoming releases by the project consist of Jurassic Park. The firm also sanctioned a contract of up to $100 million to admire women as well as LGBTQ artists existing in the community through constructing “Rewind,” an art collectible.

Speaking from VeVe’s side, Dan Crothers (the COO of the firm) stated that the series of digital collectibles of Bond would be thrilling for the fans of James Bond as well as the passionate members of the digital collectors’ community due to the legacy of film franchise along with its universal impact. Stephan Bruno, the Chief-Marketing-Officer (CMO) at MGM, mentioned that the film franchise is among the most successful and longest-running film franchises across history. It is continuously evolving with time to meet the requirements of dedicated audiences throughout the world.

VeVe NFTs aiming at comics and movies

The NFT marketplace of VeVe has turned to be a platform to attain official NFTs regarding several well-known TV and movie franchises. The firm has sanctioned many contracts with the aforementioned giants in the Hollywood industry, including “The-Power-Puff-Girls, -Adventure-Time,” Todd McFarlane, Star Wars, and Star Trek. In the beginning, the platform provided the customers with digital artwork as well as action figures based on series like Back-to-the-Future, Batman, and Superman. Nonetheless, recently in the previous two months, considerable growth has been witnessed by the platform because of having included the digital-comic-books.

These comic books get issued thrice a week. The new releases had just been sold a while ago. The price value of these comics has further been escalating. The sale of these NFTs is made through a blind box, signifying that the value of all the NFTs is $6.99, having some random rarities. A few of them have been sold out for above $10,000 through the “open-market.”

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