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You Can Now Buy Cryptocurrency From Your WebMoney Wallet

In our series of articles that address the various e-wallet services through which users can conveniently buy and sell stakes in cryptocurrency without bothering about being scammed on one of the unscrupulous cryptocurrency exchange sites, we’re addressing a very popular payment service provider that has gone all in, fully integrating cryptocurrency into their operations and granting it unequalled privileges across their entire network.

You may not share our excitement until you realize that cryptocurrency is quite a nightmare to most payment service providers who are afraid that it could damage the fiat currency market upon which their businesses depend and as a result, they prefer burying the subject of alternative payment avenues. But try as they might, cryptocurrency has steadily been on the rise, slowly catching up on fiat currency, with the possibility of eclipsing it in a short while.

The payment service provider that we’ll be addressing in this article is WebMoney. In case you don’t already know, WebMoney, just like YandexMoney, is a Russian e-wallet service and payment processor that allows Russian customers to spend flexibly and quickly across a vast range of several thousand stores that accept payments from WebMoney wallets. WebMoney has revolutionized the world of payments and e-wallet services with the focused, groundbreaking achievements in Russia.

How Exactly Can I Buy Cryptocurrency From My WebMoney Wallet?

Some of the e-wallets we mentioned have integrated features into their user platforms, aiming to boost cryptocurrency usage among their extensive client base. But not WebMoney. They haven’t had anything ambiguous attached to their platform, instead, they got an entire subdomain for their cryptocurrency exchange service that lets you swap the money you have in your WebMoney Wallet for cryptocurrency and back. They also allow you to deposit from your wallet when trading with a broker or exchange.

To purchase cryptocurrency from your WebMoney wallet, you must head over to the crypto exchange website in this link and sign up, and there you will be given the option of either depositing from your WebMoney balance or through a variety of other payment / deposit types such as MasterCard or PayPal.

Is It Possible To Use My Cryptocurrency Balance Via WebMoney?

When we say WebMoney went all in with their cryptocurrency adventure, we really mean all in. And that decision is a fabulously good one, considering the millions of users who have now grown to trust WebMoney. Getting them to adopt and spend cryptocurrency is really a great way to boost WebMoney’s business, given that thousands of merchants already accept WebMoney as a payment means.

To the question you asked, the answer is yes. Not only can you exchange whatever cryptocurrency you have available in your WebMoney wallet, but also you can directly purchase whatever you desire with cryptocurrency. WebMoney has achieved this feat by tapping into the massive network of sellers who are already using WebMoney and enabling them to accept cryptocurrency payments right into their WebMoney wallet.

Once you walk into any physical or online store that uses WebMoney to collect payments, you can choose the option to pay with the cryptocurrency funds stored in your WebMoney wallet, and the cryptocurrency equivalent of your purchase value will be deducted from your cryptocurrency wallet.

What are the Requirements For Buying Cryptocurrencies From My WebMoney Balance?

To buy cryptocurrency through WebMoney on an exchange or broker platform, they have put in place a bundle of stringent regulations you have to pass before being allowed to make or accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments.

The required identification is a copy of your formal passport issued by a government authority, which will be received and screened by WebMoney before approving any withdrawal requests from your WebMoney cryptocurrency wallet. It’s best to ensure that you have this resolved as early as possible to avoid unnecessary hitches later on.

How Long Should I Wait Before I Receive The Cryptocurrency I Purchase Via WebMoney?

With the current wave of scam surging through the world of cryptocurrencies, one question everyone asks before pulling out their wallet is, “how long will it take for me to see it?”. It’s reasonable for you to ask when you should expect your crypto purchase to show up in your WebMoney wallet. When you have made a crypto purchase order on WebMoney, it may take as little or as much for your transaction to be fully processed and to have your cryptocurrency paid out to you, depending on a variety of factors.

To avoid any holdups, make sure your WebMoney account is verified to the full limit, so that you will be able to complete any type of transactions, such as withdrawals and crypto purchases.

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Purchase Through My WebMoney Wallet?

Despite the fact that most of the mainstream cryptocurrencies have been proving themselves to be good boys and worthy of your investment, the guys over there at WebMoney are still being very conservative and the cryptocurrencies you can trade on their platform include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Ethereum, and a bunch of higher grade cryptocurrencies where at least they are guaranteed a measure of security. Also, the majority of WebMoney’s cryptocurrency exchange and broker deposit services are directed towards Bitcoin alone, probably because of how stable it has been from time to time.

Now, right there you have our guide to purchasing cryptocurrency via a WebMoney e-wallet. You know what to do and what to avoid so that your adventure with cryptocurrency and other alternative currencies will be and remain a smooth ride. We trust you’re smart enough to take what we’ve shown you here and go out there to work it out.

But before then, have you been trading cryptocurrencies via any e-wallet, and if so, which ones? Are there any challenges that you encountered or are you still sceptical concerning the entire idea? Over here, we’re willing to help, and should you need any guidance, you can be sure we’re just a comment away.

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