WINk Breaks Record Highs as Huge Ethereum Gas Costs Scare Retail DeFi Investors from Uniswap

WINk’s yield farming’s lower costs have enticed retail DeFi investors who couldn’t cope with huge costs associated with Uniswap. The DeFi market has kept increasingly growing since 2020. According to some DeFi experts, the DeFi boom saw a continuous rise in Bitcoin prices and Ethereum kick-off last year during the ‘summer of DeFi.’ When the project starts, investors will receive some annual percentage yield (APY) on a considerable amount of handsomely rewarding assets on Uniswap. However, as the Ethereum network becomes congested with too much activity, the pressure results in an uncontrolled surge in gas costs coupled with abnormal network congestion.

Ethereum has no immediate solution to the rising gas cost

The resulting rise in gas cost now prevents the average retail investor from partaking in the smallest protocol transactions such as staking or token approval. At the moment, the Ethereum projects have no urgent solution to this particular problem. Hence, many retail investors have now pitched their tent with non-Ethereum-based platforms, which provide yield farming and other DeFi offers.

In the absence of an immediate solution to the vast Ethereum costs, retail investors find it necessary to try various other alternatives on rival blockchain networks with which they can substitute Ethereum. One of their preferred choices is WINk, a Tron-based gambling network that enables users to play, interact, and stake money in various blockchain networks by utilizing the native WIN token. WINk charges lesser Fees, and it allows you to stake many assets.

It would be best if you had a Tron wallet containing around 8 TRX, an equivalent of $0.48 at the current price, to interact with the WINk platform. Unlike Ethereum that requires $40 or even higher as a transaction fee, WINk is more attractive to investors because it allows them to make many transactions for more days, spending just a few cents as the transaction cost. Like many other DeFi networks, WINk offers several staking rewards for tokens in the system, such as TROBbetLIVE and TRONbetDice that enable those who stake on a token rewarded from the revenues generated from the activities which occur during the games.

WINk rises by 700%

The latest monthly report from WINk states that the APRs to get as rewards If you stake WIN, LIVE, and DICE are 64%, 137%, 123%, respectively. At the moment of writing this report, WIN is worth $0.000344, while LIVE and DICE are trading less than $0.05, which is the minimum fee that can be used to stake and unstable, and this is more attractive to the average retail investor out there compared to the high worth of tokens such as Aave or (YFI).

WIN surged by 700%, rallying from its $0.000058 low to $0.000477 high on March 20, recording a trading volume of $344 million. This record move attracted the token to traders. Earlier, VORTECS data had been tracking the WIN price and predicting a bullish move for the token on March 18. Cointelegraph’s VORTEC’s Score is a set of algorithms used to compare past and present market information obtained from various data sources such as trading volume, current price movement, market sentiment, and Twitter activity.

As a result of increasing activity about cryptocurrency on Twitter arising from the growing interest and promotion of cryptocurrencies by influential individuals like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Institutional investors like GrayScale, the crypto community has been witnessing the entrance of new investors who are intent on making huge returns from their investments.

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