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You Can Now Buy Cryptocurrency With Yandex.Money

Hi there, crypto lovers!

We’re sure you’ve been having quite the time checking out the price charts of the cryptocurrencies you’re invested in, looking to see any indication that a price surge may be around the corner. And you’re rightly doing so. Even a second’s alert of a possible increase in price could put you far ahead of the pack, and that equals to a crazy amount of money, should you know what you’re doing.

But that aside, we’re still on our series of e-wallet services that you can purchase cryptocurrency from, thereby simplifying the entire process and reducing the risk of being scammed. If you’ve been reading up on our blog, (check it out quickly if you haven’t) you will discover a bunch of articles that show you the way around buying cryptocurrency from widely popular payment service wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Qiwi.

The idea of being able to purchase cryptocurrency from e-wallets has been around for quite a while, and recently, it has begun taking shape as payment companies are getting more flexible to the demands of their customers and they’re also considering the profits they stand to make from each transaction processed through their platforms. In few words, the transformation has been an absolute game changer for the world of cryptocurrencies and alternative currencies as the cost of entry into the crypto trading market has been drastically reduced.

We will be looking at Yandex Money, a major payment service provider that services customers and businesses in Russia, and how one can purchase cryptocurrency through a Yandex Money wallet.

You may not recognize the name Yandex easily because they’re not as popular as PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Square, Stripe, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or other e-wallets that we’re more used to here in the West but over there in Russia and its surrounding countries, Yandex is a giant technology company that not only offers payment processing services, but is also heavily invested in high-tech business fields such as artificial intelligence, search engine services, and e-commerce.

How Exactly Can I Buy Cryptocurrency From Yandex.Money?

If you’re looking to start trading cryptocurrencies from your Yandex wallet, you’re on the right track. Although Yandex isn’t yet offering crypto exchange services through its platform, third-party exchange businesses are accepting Yandex as a payment option for crypto transaction and are currently tapping into the vast network of users who are comfortable with paying via Yandex.

Worthy of note is the fact that unlike PayPal, Yandex neither has any active cryptocurrency exchange services nor does it forbid users from trying to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through their Yandex wallet. They maintain a mostly neutral stance towards the cryptocurrency world and do very little to regulate it.

The primary way through which you can buy cryptocurrency from your Yandex money wallet is from the exchange service providers we already mentioned.

They sell cryptocurrency to buyers and accept cryptocurrency transfers in return for fiat money which is transferred to your Yandex Money wallet.

Meet up Exchange Services.

Meet up exchange services are independent businesses that offer a platform for bitcoin buyers and sellers to meet, negotiate, and complete transactions in person. Their services serve to connect cryptocurrency buyers and sellers in person so they can meet physically to complete a cryptocurrency transfer.

These meet up exchange service providers maintain platforms that users are required to register with an email address and a few details to use. Once a user is logged, he can either post a sale request, indicating that he has cryptocurrency for sale, or search through the listings of other like listed sellers in other to discuss further.

Upon connecting with a seller you’d love to buy from, you can discuss further with them, and if you reach a favourable agreement, you decide on a location to meet with your buyer or seller so both of you can complete the transaction. You get the cryptocurrency transferred to your wallet, and you pay via your Yandex Money wallet.

In such a scenario, it’s necessary to ensure you only agree to meet a seller or buyer at a public location, to avoid being robbed of either your money or being forced to transfer your cryptocurrency. And as we know, cryptocurrency transactions are designed to be irreversible. It’s best to be extra careful; you can’t vouch for anyone’s sincerity.

Virtual Meet-Up Exchange Services

Another system that some cryptocurrency exchange services employ is through virtual meet-up services.

Similar to the physical meet-up system, the virtual meet up creates a listing of sellers, and as a buyer, you can search out a buyer who supports the currency and payment system you have, which in this case is Yandex.

That done, you can start a trade with any seller of your choice, and after making the transfer of the funds, your cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet. Obviously, this is a lot easier than having to meet a buyer or seller in person.

When I Buy A Cryptocurrency From My Yandex Wallet, How Long Will It Take Before It Shows Up In My Balance?

When you have made your payment to a seller, they’re obligated to transfer the cryptocurrency you’ve purchased to your wallet and depending on a variety of factors, this could take anywhere from instantly to a few hours.

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Purchase From My Yandex Wallet?

As long as someone is willing to sell who’s also ready to accept payment via Yandex, you’re good to go. Presently, the cryptocurrency that is more widely traded with Yandex Money is Bitcoin, but it’s not uncommon seeing deals for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and other prominent cryptocurrencies.

Now you know you can take your crypto trading game up a notch by simply buying and selling via your Yandex Money account. Go out there and get started!

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